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Felipe Carillo Puerto, Mexico – How a school grew out of a search for understanding !

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Rate our ReviewsAnother knock on the door and Catherine knew that even though she had spent a long day teaching she couldn’t call it quits yet. She had started teaching English in the Mexican-Maya town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto,  21 years ago as a volunteer for an entirely different program. But they needed an English […]

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Marion, Ohio – Executive Action, Part XV: My Warren Piece

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Rate our ReviewsI had driven across Ohio to explore President Garfield’s abode and the venture opened my eyes to the state’s bounty of presidential homes (#2 behind Virginia).  It would only require a modest diversion on the return, to drop in on the residence of Warren G. Harding, another President from the state, though a […]


The Las Vegas Monorail ..or the Ticket to Shop Till You Drop!

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Rate our ReviewsDid you ever want to look down at the world from up high?  I confess, I have wanted to fulfill my long time wish of viewing the Las Vegas Strip, from an elevated point.  My friends decided to ride the animal, weighing the equivalent of two buses and hurtling across the sky at […]

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Rate our ReviewsLas Vegas is known by many names, such as “city of lights” and “sin city.” With all of the flickering, colorful lights it is a fascinating sight at night. Lights appear like glittering diamonds. The major concentration is in one place called the Strip. When people think of Vegas, they see Las Vegas […]

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Cleveland, Ohio – Executive Action, Part XIV: The plot thickens

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Rate our ReviewsSometimes it is a grave matter when you reach out. I had journeyed across Ohio to visit President Garfield’s home and invited my friend Cindy, who lives nearby, to join.  She agreed and suggested we also visit the Garfield Memorial at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.  Despite being completely unaware of this […]