The Arches National Park, Moab, Utah Drowning in Excellent Views

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Rate our ReviewsBefore I start to bore the Suja readers with another hiking story, I have a confession. I actually do not enjoy hiking all that much. However, experience has shown me that if you go to National Parks, you have to get off the normal, traffic routes and take time to really see nature. […]

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Montpelier Station, Virginia – Executive Action, Part VII: Hello, Dolley

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Rate our ReviewsIf you are able to dismiss its recent rise to infamy as a hotbed for racial intolerance, Charlottesville, Virginia presents the biggest cluster of Presidential homes in the United States.  We recently paid visits to Monticello and Highland, homes of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, respectively.  But there is also Montpelier, the estate […]


St. George, Utah- Snow Canyon State Park – a walk in Pinyon Canyon !

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Rate our ReviewsFour years ago, after a long treatment for cancer, I visited St. George, Utah and the spectacular enticements of Zion National Park. For a person born in a seaport, bred in a seaport and living beside the ocean, water was my first love. That trip was my first experience with the desert and […]


Moab, Utah – Arches National Conservation Area- the Delicate Arch Hike

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Rate our ReviewsYesterday had finished with a mixture of good and bad vibes. When you hike in the Arches National Conservation area you have to accept more difficult hikes as a necessity. There are a few easier hikes but they are equivalent to attending a rock concert. People are everywhere and are in perpetual stop […]


Maui, Hawaii – Kahakuloa Village…Up to my Knees in Mud !

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Rate our ReviewsOn the North West side of Maui, the second largest island, there is a small remote village called Kahakuloa. The village is located on a river flowing from the West Maui Mountains and is populated with local Hawaiians and ex-pats all over the world.