Haifa, Israel – Let Me Love You Haifa, My Home and Sanctuary

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Rate our ReviewsWhile most tourists are visiting the same known attractions of the city, it’s sometimes nice to get a bit off of the beaten path, and as usual – I am here to explore the hidden gems of this wonderful city. And don’t get me wrong, all of the well-known wonders in Haifa are […]

Miracle Garden 1

Miracle Garden, Dubai A Selfie Stick & Flower Power Can Set You Free

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Rate our ReviewsMy favorite author, Hans Christian Andersen, said that just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Well, Dubai took his words seriously and created  “The Miracle Garden”. This is a theme park located along Umm Suqeim Road heading towards the Dubailand area.


Snake Gorge, Oman – Goodness Snakes!

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Rate our ReviewsFeeling adventurous? If you are planning an expedition to Oman and want to insure excitement, definitely plan on tackling Snake Gorge. Please do not worry about serpents, as the pathway garners its name solely from the twisty descent. .However, this is a one-way hike requiring several serious jumps from cliffs (the highest being […]


Khasab, Oman Life Is a Beach Sometimes Ain’t It?

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Rate our ReviewsI had been an expat in different countries, within the span of almost twenty years. I thought I had seen it all. In fact, I actually felt a bit jaded. I had learned to live in cliches like “nothing can surprise me anymore” ; “I have seen it, done it, been there, done […]

KARAK2 Images at Karak Castle

Karak, Jordan – Castle in the Sky Of Modern and Ancient Cultures

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Rate our ReviewsI had long been enamored by Petra and was thrilled after finally arranging a rendezvous in Jordan with a buddy (living in Dubai) to visit this gem.  Of course the beauty of travel is how it changes Pandora’s Box into a box of chocolates – no demons spill out when you pry open […]