Hierapolis, Turkey – The Gates of Hades

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Rate our ReviewsHell is a difficult place to describe in detail, since after all, going there seems to require dying. This one small reality makes description very complicated. I am sure there are some who will challenge that concept. But soon, we may find out what the ancient version of the underworld looked like, without […]


Istanbul, Turkey……More Families and Carpet Salesmen

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Rate our ReviewsAlready, I have tumbled into the repetition of daily events. The day starts regular as clockwork, with the call to prayer, simultaneous from countless mosques. Next out of bed and ripping off chunks of bread, purchased the night before, to accept large slices of new cheese. All washed down with cups of hot, […]

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Arona, Tenerife, Spain – Monkeys, Lemurs and other Wild Mascots

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Rate our ReviewsI am not a huge fan of zoos as I hate the thought of animals being caged. I usually avoid going to such places. The only zoos I have ever seen are the ones in Warsaw and Wrocław and I’m not planning to extend that number. However, I love to interract with animals, […]

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Frederikshøj kro,Oddervej 19-21 DK-8000 , Aarhus, Denmark

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Rate our ReviewsAre you a dessert lover???  Then this place is a “ definite “  must visit in Denmark. Don’t forget to bring a car and driver or take taxi if you plan to have wine matching meal, as the restaurant located a bit outside Aarhus city.


Paris, France – Getting the Most out of the Louvre is not Rushing

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Rate our ReviewsParis is a popular, city-break destination for a weekend. I always wonder, how you can ever see Paris, in just one weekend? You simply can not! The city has so much to offer, that even a month would not be enough. The key to enjoying Paris in a short period of time, is […]