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Rate our ReviewsYou may have been to this beautiful country before and as many have done, or you have fallen in love with it at first sight. Yes, you may have guessed it right. I am talking about France.


Crimea, An Unexpected but Welcomed Love Affair

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Rate our ReviewsIt is very easy to fall in love with beautiful places. Sometimes, you may not have ever seen the place, in person. But you have seen pictures of it and you already know, that this place will own your heart. Maybe it already does! But there are some places that are not necessarily […]


Poznań, Poland – Exploring own country pays off! Maybe it’s time to get started!?

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Rate our ReviewsI want to see far away places. I want to meet new people. I want to hear different languages. I want to eat things that I haven’t tried or even heard about before. I want my life to be an adventure. In one word, I want to go abroad! This is exactly what […]


Gdansk, Poland: Finding My National Identity Amidst the Beautiful City

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Rate our ReviewsThe very first thing I spotted, when I arrived at the train station in Gdansk, was a monument to children. They seemed to be waiting for the train, with a very little luggage and no adults with them. At first glance, they looked charming, but once I got to know the story behind […]


Crete…..Greece…..Samaria Gorge

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Rate our ReviewsThe largest of the Greek Islands is Crete and what a wonderful place it is. It’s got something for everyone, from the party town of Malia, the beaches, the mountains; to the historic and ancient Minoan cities of Chania and Knossos. It has a colourful and checkered history, occupied through the ages by […]