Tikal, Guatemala ……Spirit Voices and then the Two-Headed Serpent

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Rate our ReviewsThe day was 22 days before Christmas and I wanted to treat myself to an early present by flying to the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization at Tikal. Imagine my disappointment when I learned that all flights to Tikal were fully booked until January 10th, the day of my departure from Antigua, […]


Lake Atitlan Guatemala……. Really too Much of a Good Thing ?

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Rate our ReviewsAt first glance on the map, Lake Atitlan is just a lake in the Central Highlands of Guatemala, in the Sierra Madre Mountain range. Yet, if you speak to anyone who has ever traveled to Guatemala the second question is always “Have you been to Lake Atitlan, it is beautiful”? The first question […]


Antigua Guatemala Images of a People and Love for Life

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Rate our ReviewsSome say a photograph is 10,000 words. Perhaps they do not know how hard it is to select 40,000 words. How can we tell another, what the eyes see? Words without photos are a blank canvas. Over the past four years, I have been living in Guatemala almost as much as Canada. The […]


Antigua , Guatemala…..Las Capuchinas Opulence and the Vow of Poverty

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Rate our ReviewsThis convent is officially called the Templo y Convento de Nuestra Senora del Pilar Zaragoza (Las Capuchinas). Maybe a long name is valid for a property that exudes opulence.

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San Antonio Agua Calientes, Guatemala – Local Living… Local Flavor… Local Friendliness!

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Rate our ReviewsLiving a large part of my life in Guatemala for the past three years has surely been an enlightening experience. I have grown to love this most interesting country and have had the time to visit places where the locals live.  Travel usually has the rush factor, as we seemingly eat locations like […]