Tongariro NP, New Zealand … Hiking Towards the Tama Lakes

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Rate our ReviewsThe Tongariro Alpine Crossing is said to be the most spectacular walk on the North Island of New Zealand and according to some, one of most beautiful walks or hikes in the entire world, so needless to say, once I booked my trip to New Zealand, this hike was my number one on […]


Kalbarri, Australia – Sublime Nature and the Ultimate Laidback Vibe

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Rate our ReviewsAustralia has enough natural beauty to fill the canvases of thousands of artists the world over. Whether it’s the miraculous underwater ecosystem that is the Great Barrier Reef, the wondrous illusion of Uluru, or the vast, wildlife-filled National Park of Kakadu (the place to get your Kanagaroo/Dingo/Crocodile fix), it is a nature lover’s […]


New Plymouth, New Zealand….Modern Masterpiece at Lan Lye Centre

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Rate our ReviewsArt is many things. It is film, poetry, dance, sculpture, paintings and all sorts of others. I have never been an artist, just an admirer. I love looking at things which are beautiful whether they may be natural or material. I love admiring art although I cannot quite understand the technicalities within one’s […]


Dunedin, New Zealand… My Old and Arty Adventure

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Rate our ReviewsDunedin is known by many different names: “Victorian City of New Zealand”, “Athens of the South”, and my personal favourite “City of Spires and Towers.” However, I did not know it would become my favourite city when I first stepped afoot in this wonderful city.


New Zealand……..The Art and Beauty of a Culture and Kiwis

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Rate our ReviewsOne day, I came across a quote from the American novelist, Thomas Clayton Wolfe and it struck one of my nerves and it has remained. He said that “Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs.” In my mind, this quote proclaims the values, of a great country to live in […]