Hiroshima 01

Hiroshima, Japan – City of Hope and Love and Peace

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Rate our ReviewsOn the face of things, Hiroshima looks like any modern city going about its business… Wide boulevards are lined with shopping malls; ‘Sales’ signs splashed in red ink adorn every shop window… the occasional tram trundles along its track through the streetscape, while people stand impatiently at crossing, in a hurry to get […]


Ayutthaya,Thailand Charming Memories of the Ancient and Royal Past

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Rate our ReviewsWhen traveling to Ayutthaya, 60km north of Bangkok, there are three, famous places that you can visit, to start your immersion in this beautiful countryside. On the bus, admiring the beauty of Chao Phraya River, I prepared myself to see another masterpiece of history and culture. I have become fascinated by the pages […]


Indonesia – Maumere Flores…first stop Mount Kelimutu !

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Rate our ReviewsEnroute to Kelimutu…Our trip continued, as we flew with “Nam airlines” from Den Pasar Bali to Maumere Flores at 10 am in the morning, and before long we touched down at Maumere airport.  It took 1.5 hours flying time and we got free snack and drinks on board. Surprisingly the flight was on […]

Bagan 07

Myanmar – Before Time Bagan…Part Two UNESCO Heritage

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Rate our ReviewsMy reverie was suddenly interrupted by the ‘vroom-vroom’ of a bus as it slipped and skidded along the sandy path towards me. Once the dust settled around this extrinsic piece of metal, I could see a hundred faces pressed against the glass, eyes wide in anticipation of more ancient mysteries to discover. I […]


Bali the Paradise Island……..Day Two and Onwards

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Rate our ReviewsOur Bali # 2 day started at “Pura Taman Ayun” where there is a compound consisting of a  Balinese temple and a garden with water featuring lotus and fish ponds.  The temple was built circa 1634 by the ruler of the Mengwi kingdom Tjokerda Sakti Blambangan, with Chinese architectural inspirations.  The paintings on […]