The Philippines – My Tribute & My Respect -Does the Philippines mean “Many Rainbows ?”

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Rate our ReviewsThe Philippines was the one destination that the Spaniards of the Middle Ages were very fond of and later was the one country which Saint Pope John Paul visited twice.


India …Munnar…In Memory of the great Top station.

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Rate our ReviewsMunnar is a hill station nestled among the hills in a silent valley, literally called the same name.

20 FEB 3

South India Sane in the forest of Madmen !

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Rate our ReviewsSouth India…Having learned a few lessons at the school in Kodaikanal, we headed westwards towards the neighboring State of Kerala. Our destination was to visit a British fort named Fort Hamilton and its lake which was just before that State border began. We intended to try and get a glimpse of the wild […]


Imperial Cuisine…..Duck de Chine, Beijing China

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Rate our ReviewsDuck de Chine, Beijing China…Thin, crispy lacquered skin, served and sliced right before my eyes…am I in food heaven?  I dared to ask myself.


Kodiakanal, Tamilnadu, South India…the Romance of Learning History

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Rate our ReviewsMy history is sleeping in a soft bed under the warmth of a fleece blanket, can make any man lazy and I was no exception. The alarm did its bit, trying to get me out of bed and so did the house telephone. I had slept like a child and I wondered if […]