Yangon 06

Myanmar……24 Hours in Yangon…Part One of Two Parts

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Rate our ReviewsExcitement overwhelmed my fuzzy, four-hour-sleep-mind-desire-to-sleep. I plotted my route and tied the laces of my walking shoes. Yangon awaited and I was ready to take in all her glory. First thing… I needed caffeine and plenty of it.


Phuket, Thailand…Please Take Me Back…Your Beauty Woven Like Eden!

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Rate our ReviewsLet’s just jump in up to my neck. In my mind, Phuket is simply stunning bliss. Phuket is a statement saying that life is indeed beautiful and that in South East Asia, you can be assured the sun shines at least 12 hours a day.


Hong Kong, China…. Four Seasons and The Never-Ending Story !

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Rate our ReviewsIt seems to all depend on what season of the year you visit Hong Kong. Located on the southern coast of China with a humid subtropical climate, this metropolitan city has four, different seasons. Winter is pleasant and dry, spring is unstable and wet, summers are hot and humid and autumn is moderately […]

halong bay 01

Halong Bay, Vietnam……Piracy that Steals the Mind!

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Rate our ReviewsThe distinguishable, red flag of Vietnam fluttered with the breeze on our traditional sailing boat. We were waiting, part of a large fleet on a major expedition to find new lands. A whistle in the distance was blown, then we were off. As our boat slowly sailed towards hundreds of rock formations, I […]

mekong delta 02

Vietnam – A Culinary Journey Through the Mekong Delta

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Rate our ReviewsThe Mekong Delta – Those two words probably evoke one of the most powerful images of Vietnam… Forget scooter frenzied Saigon and ethereal Halong Bay; instead picture women in conical hats, gently coasting through lush mangroves, one oar dipping in to opaque waters, and you will feel like you have stepped into the […]