Maniac Safari in South Africa Watch Out for the Hordes of Elephants

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Rate our ReviewsWatch out………… I kept screaming , when I saw a group of elephants,  one or two meters away from the car we were driving.  My heart was beating very fast, and I was surely in hyperventilate mode , and losing my voice when I saw the pachyderm up close and personal.  It was […]


Murchison Falls National Park,, Uganda – Safari Time!

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Rate our ReviewsUganda,,, Picture this. You’re sat in a minibus at the edge of the road. No more than three metres away from you, partly submerged by the bracken undergrowth of the African plains, lies a sleeping lion. Do you…


Ile aux Bénitiers, Mauritius – Paint me a Paradise, Please!

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Rate our ReviewsThere is not much sun here in Europe now. Also the temperature oscillates around zero. In such moments I go back to my photos from summer holidays, wishing I could teleport there ,even for a while, just to warm up my bones. The majority of people dream of a luxurious life, I reckon. Drinking […]


Morocco…then Home….to My Comfort Zone

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Rate our ReviewsI arrived in Marrakesh , Morocco mid morning ,after crossing the Atlas Mountains and it hit me – “ I’ve done it, I’ve crossed the Sahara Desert” My boyhood dream had been fulfilled. It’s big, hot, and has lots of sand!


The Western Sahara…Mad Max, Bad Debts ,Dakhla …and….

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Rate our ReviewsThe border area between Mauritania and Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara is simply a scene from Mad Max.