Chamarel, Mauritius – The Land of Seven Colors and Natural Art

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Rate our ReviewsLife is so much better when it is painted in vivid and bright colors, don’t you agree? There are places on this planet where you don’t need to put on pink glasses to be amazed or rendered speechless. There are many locations so colorful that they make you think that they are simply […]


Zanzibar – Archipelago Paradise or a Place of Waning Magic?

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Rate our ReviewsThe inhabitants of Zanzibar are fond of greeting visitors – often seasick from the bumpy boat ride over from Dar es Salaam – with the phrase ‘welcome to paradise’. For it is a place very well-known worldwide, perhaps the single best-known place in Tanzania. With its pristine beaches, jungle-clad hillsides and Indo-Arabian architecture, […]


The Marrakech, Morocco Medina…..Lost in the Maze of History

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Rate our ReviewsThe Marrakech medina is a walled city, within a city, the area of the ancient. The streets go dizzy, in all directions with seemingly no rhyme or reason. They twist and turn and stop abruptly and the head experience mass confusion, almost immediately. Take it from me, it is a simple truth, only […]


Gris Gris, Mauritius – the pure Wrath of Mother and the Indian Ocean

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Rate our ReviewsIn the classical sense, there are four simple elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.  Their powers seem to be boundless, with most people unable to realise just how huge. When we talk about the power of the Earth, we often talk about an earthquake, like the one in Nepal in 2015.  When we […]

Trans Sahara 2011 033

Dakar, Senegal…and then Beyond, the Journey Continues

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Rate our ReviewsDid you ever awake, in your travels, from a deep sleep, and spend the first few moments, wondering where your bed is actually located? Suddenly my mind was as clear as a bell. I was in Dakar, Senegal, after one tough day of traveling. Already, I had my day on the platter, fully […]