Morocco…then Home….to My Comfort Zone

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Rate our ReviewsI arrived in Marrakesh , Morocco mid morning ,after crossing the Atlas Mountains and it hit me – “ I’ve done it, I’ve crossed the Sahara Desert” My boyhood dream had been fulfilled. It’s big, hot, and has lots of sand!


The Western Sahara…Mad Max, Bad Debts ,Dakhla …and….

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Rate our ReviewsThe border area between Mauritania and Moroccan-controlled Western Sahara is simply a scene from Mad Max.


The Sahara Desert …I Speak No Italiano & Leave Mauritania!

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Rate our ReviewsThe Sahara was the next leg of my journey from Nouakchott and it was beautiful in parts. It had been mostly rock and scrub, but now there were sand dunes rolling down to the sea especially around Parc National Du Ban D’Arguin. Unfortunately I was only able to take a few photos, when […]


Chamarel, Mauritius – The Land of Seven Colors and Natural Art

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Rate our ReviewsLife is so much better when it is painted in vivid and bright colors, don’t you agree? There are places on this planet where you don’t need to put on pink glasses to be amazed or rendered speechless. There are many locations so colorful that they make you think that they are simply […]


Zanzibar – Archipelago Paradise or a Place of Waning Magic?

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Rate our ReviewsThe inhabitants of Zanzibar are fond of greeting visitors – often seasick from the bumpy boat ride over from Dar es Salaam – with the phrase ‘welcome to paradise’. For it is a place very well-known worldwide, perhaps the single best-known place in Tanzania. With its pristine beaches, jungle-clad hillsides and Indo-Arabian architecture, […]