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Amboise, France…..Who can refuse to stay in a castle in France??? And if it has one Michelin award restaurant in the castle grounds?   Wowwwwww…….I was on the moon to be able to stay for a couple of nights at this small castle outside Amboise city in France. My heart was thumping loudly and I was very excited…my fingers could not stop taking pictures of the castle building and the surrounding area. Oh my….a dream has become a become reality, I am a Princess for a couple of nights. Yey…

PRAY1Chateau de Pray was has been around since 1244 when the Lord of Amboise constructed a castle here and his name was Geoffroy de Pra.  The castle has carried his name until this day.  The castle has changed ownership many times, however, the main building is still the same, albeit with some renovations and modernization on each of its 12 rooms in the main building and 8 rooms opposite the castle building.

The small castle is beautiful and tranquil with a large garden at the back of the building, a swimming pool, and interesting décor, especially in the breakfast room and the lounge area with a large fireplace and a huge tapestry.

Oh my… Lucky me, because  I did not have to wait long for dinner.  I arrived at 6pm at the castle and I looked forward to the formal dinner, at 7.30pm.  After dressing up in my Princess gown we walked a short distance to the restaurant, which located at the side of the castle building.

PRAY3The staff at the castle and restaurant was very professional with high standard of service and information on the food being served.  It was very beautiful inside the restaurant with antique furniture and an old concrete wall in the lobby, creating a very cozy atmosphere. Everything is modern yet there are soothing table cloths. The room has high ceilings and romantic curtains in the dining area and windows facing the garden.

We had champagne before the meal and the food served in a very nice. shiny porcelain ware and it was superb.  As usual, the staff asked what we wanted for drinks.  First, we had four types of snacks that looked and tasted delicious.  Mama mia…. I looked forward to the next dish.

The codfish with greenery and mussel sauce was to die for, it was perfect.  The meat very tender and the sauce complimented nicely.  The second dish of razor clam with parsley sauce was, even more, tastier than the first dish, and finally, the third dish of fried scallops with cheese and parsley sauce was fantastic.  The scallops were so soft and they melted in the mouth.  Oh my… was really delicious.  I could not think or speak, other than just eat my scallops.

Finally, we had three different desserts consisting of four types of different cheeses with crackers, praline and walnut ice cream, and then four kinds of cakes.  I am very picky with my dessert, however, those were delicious…..

By the time I had my tea, I was content and very happy.  I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are in Amboise – better still to stay in the castle after dinner and be a Princess for the night.