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Stockholm, Sweden…Scandinavia isn’t the warmest corner of the world. Winters here are usually frosty and ruthless. But some people, prefer frost more than a melting, heatwave! Stockholm, the gem of Scandinavia, is located on flat terrain. It can’t guarantee a few meters layer of snow and typical winter activities, but it has ice! You can find ice all year round in the center of the city, in one of its many bars. The Absolut Icebar in Stockholm takes Scandinavian winter to another level.

SWEDEN1The ice bar, located in the Nordic C Hotel, is exactly what the name implies; a bar featuring nothing but drinks made with Absolut vodka, in a barroom where everything, literally everything,  is made of ice. And I really mean eeeeeeeverything! From the bar itself to the walls and even the drinking glasses. Is it cold in there? Of course, it is! Inside the temperature is not higher than -5°C all year round, so nothing will melt.

SWEDEN4The Absolut Icebar  is the world’s first permanent ice bar. The entire interior is made from 100% pure, clear ice transported from the Torne River in Swedish Lapland. Each spring, a total of 6,000 tons of ice is harvested from northern Sweden, from a place located 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, where there is virtually no pollution. The owners of the bar re-do the decor, in the bar from time to time, so the ice sculptures and such vary and never get boring.

To get to the bar you need to walk through the airlock. The doors open and close automatically. The airlock itself bodes an amazing adventure, and the real fun starts behind its doors!

Before visiting the bar you should dress well. It is cold, but you can expect that from a place where the temperature is never, absolutely never, above zero. Before entering the bar you get some absolutely un-stylish and un-trendy clothes! You get a blue batman cape with a tiny bit of fluff around the hood and warm gloves that look like they were taken from an Eskimo. Everyone looks fat and not very sexy in this amazing outfit, but who cares, it is at least warm.

SWEDEN3The Absolut Icebar  is not only a place where you walk in and have a drink. It is sort of a theme park! Everything in the bar, from the seating area, tables, to the artwork and the drinking glasses, is made from crystal-clear ice. The ice has some cracks and marble-like veils that give it a unique character.

The bar is a popular attraction, so you should book your 45 minutes long visit in advance.  It runs until 1am at night so it is better to make sure you go there at the right time, as they don’t keep your reservation for more than 5 minutes. The visit to the bar isn’t the cheapest experience in Scandinavia, but then, what is cheap in Scandinavia? The Absolut Bar isn’t the place where you go to party down.  It is an interesting experience to have while in Sweden. It is a priceless experience that unfortunately has a high price. The entrance fee will buy you your first drink, refills are half-price, provided that you kept your glass, which can be used again.

The drinks are served in ice-cubes. You can get drinks with or SWEDEN2without alcohol. The ones without are just juice! The ice glasses are quite small. Better not to expect a lot of alcohol. But the fun of this experience is entering the bar and not the drinking.

The Absolut Icebar is the highest-ranked among Swedes tourist traps in Stockholm, but still, in my opinion, it is a must stop!

Maybe on one of the chilly nights in Stockholm you might fancy a little, colourful drink served in a cold, icy glass to keep you warm ??