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Over the years, I have been interested in the various places of worship. To me, they are the outward signs, of the inner pulse of a community. So I chase down churches and mosques, to try and understand the culture. I believe that buildings tell stories just like peoples. The Yeni Cami , meaning New Mosque, is a simply beautiful structure, a mosque, structure. Located in the famous Golden Horn of Istanbul sitting next to the bridge to Karakov, over the equally famous Bosphorus.  Yeni Cami Mosque is a 1665 reconstructed, Ottoman Imperial building. It reeks of history!

unnamed (3)Mosques fascinate me with their imposing minarets singing a visual welcome. These tall spires rise into the sky like rods of faith. When I came across the unnamed (1)bridge, I was visually assaulted by Yeni Mosque minarets and their power and majesty.




unnamed (2)The mosque is next to the Spice Bazaar and is indeed an oasis of calm in a very busy area.
One removes their shoes and garments are provided, to cover bare skin (shawls and djaballahs) to enter, in accordance with this ancient faith.

Inside, the eyes are treated to beautiful works of art. The ceilings are colour explosions and one knows they are in a powerful faith place.  How does one describe works of art, because that is what the ceiling domes represent? How do you describe a place that has lived centuries? This is not a place to describe, this is a place to visit and feel. Is this place of worship worthy of a visit? The answer, a resounding YES!