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Did you ever want to look down at the world from up high?  I confess I have wanted to fulfill my long time wish of viewing the Las Vegas Strip, from an elevated point.  My friends decided to ride the animal, weighing the equivalent of two buses and hurtling across the sky at speeds up to 50 MPH. This animal is called the Las Vegas Monorail, which opened in 2004, as the most convenient and speediest alternative to buses, taxis and trams.  Although the monorail moves very fast, nothing can beat it for safety and convenience. The absence of traffic makes it possible for a person to arrive at the desired destination on time, every time!
Plan each leg of your trip well in advance; as the monorail arrives at each station without fail, within the space of four to nine minutes.  This is a far better record than the traffic-congested Las Vegas streets.

10329800_10152086640291615_2190214479613248645_otour_img-139839-48Oddly enough, the local, public acceptance is half hearted due to the fact that it does not run over the Strip but only alongside it and the distance from the Strip is more or less one mile.  Perhaps an unsung selling point is that the views from above are hotel, swimming pools where one sees sunbathers frolicking under the Vegas sun.

Even if the views are not great, the speed and service make up for shortcomings. The lack of view did not weaken my group’s resolve to ride it again in the future, and this time, with a broader purpose, which is, shopping.

When the shopping time came, we each bought an unlimited 24-hour pass, and started off from SLS Station in Paradise and exited at the Harrah’s/The Linq Station to observe the High Roller closely, hatching a plan to ride that giant Ferris Wheel at some opportune time.   This High Roller is a magnificent machine, which seems bigger and taller than the London Eye!

LVO01 At the same Station, we re-boarded the monorail and exited at the Flamingo/Caesars Palace Station to do our shopping spree, and of course, we went on largeto different stations for more shopping.

After spending close to poverty, we tired, as shoppers seem to do, and returned to the original start point.  We had fun and the monorail helped to achieve that necessary degree of happiness
that shopping seems to enable.

Our next plan is to ride the Monorail to attend entertainment shows in different hotels and dine in different first-class restaurants at different times.  Indeed, in just 15 minutes, this Monorail can help to lighten the wallet or purse and quickly.

Promoters say it is healthier to ride the Monorail because they use electricity.  As a matter of fact, the Monorail earned the title Las Vegas “Green” Transportation System.

Although the Monorail was built to supplement the transportation system in Las Vegas, more tourists than locals avail of it due to its reasonable price and the convenience it affords. Except, of course, those of us who really know the value of a good shopping spree!