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There is not much sun here in Europe now. Also, the temperature oscillates around zero. In such moments I go back to my photos from summer holidays, wishing I could teleport there,even for a while, just to warm up my bones. The majority of people dream of a luxurious life, I reckon. Drinking the best champagne on the Copacabana Beach, sunbathing on the Maldives, owning a yacht at Saint Tropez. Yes, who doesn’t dream of such things? It looks like an easy and pleasant life. I can’t afford such a life but on Mauritius, I spent one day that was pretty close to that dream. Despite that, it wasn’t the Maldives, but Ile aux Bénitiers; not champagne, but coca-cola, and not my yacht, it was the best day on Mauritius of them all. On that one special day the island seemed more tropical, the sky seemed cloudless, the ocean was bluer, the sun seemed to heat with double strength, the wind blew with lighter force. Yes, it was a perfect day, which unfortunately didn’t last as long as I wanted.

MAURITIUS1The catamaran trips in Mauritius are considered to be one of the best attractions. It is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable activities for visitors and a great experience to remember and cherish. There are three major trips available. First of them is to Ile aux Cerfs. Second one is to Ile aux Bénitiers. Third one is to Coin de Mire.

MAURITIUS3Since I lived in the south of the island of Mauritius, the tour to Ile aux Bénitiers seemed the best option as the meeting place as it was the closest to my temporary home. The tour started on Sunday at 9am. The sun was not yet very bright, but I already knew that the day was going to be sunny. I was happy because Saturday was very rainy. Luckily, marks of the rain on Mauritius disappear quickly in the summer.

During the trip, I was with, my host who was a native islander and a group of tourists, mostly from China and France, and we had also the opportunity to see wild dolphins, on our way to the tiny island. You can buy the Dolphin Discovery tour. It is different from the Catamaran Excursion tour. It has cool aspects because you can swim and dive with these elegant creatures that dolphins are. We spent 30 min watching the dolphins and the people who tried to swim as close to them as possible, and then we moved toward a small island.

The colour of the water was changing from dark blue to turquoise, and the sun was already at its zenith when we reached our destination. Our main point of interest was Ile aux Bénitiers itself. The island is not inhabited. It can be reached only by boat. So this is why we left our catamaran and used a speedboat to get there. Meanwhile, we could dive. To be honest, the coral reef on Mauritius is MAURITIUS4nothing outstanding. I didn’t see red or pink colours. Everything was gray or hideously green. Also, the fish were more black and white than colourful. We had also a short stop to admire one of the wonders of the Indian Ocean. Ilot Crystal is a piece of coral reef, shaped like a diamond, that is easy to observe, as it is located above the water surface, not under it. Some people tried to climb it. And yes, it is possible. There used to be a second similar one, which is no longer there, unfortunately.

The island itself is flat and overgrown by bushes. The trees are rather in a bad shape and there are a lot of dead branches lying around everywhere. The most beautiful beach of the island is found facing the open ocean, not the mainland Mauritius, while the left side of the island opens a beautiful view of Le Morne Penninsula. I’m not sure how long it would take to walk around the whole island as we did not have that much time.

I wished that the day could have lasted longer. However, everything that is good, must finish sooner or later. I’m closing my folders with photos. I’m turning off my laptop. And I’m back to gray reality (literally and figuratively). I’m starting to miss the summer. The winter is coming and Poland is getting to be the Arctic. I will have to wait long, for the next summer.