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Before I start to bore readers with another hiking story, I have a confession. I actually do not enjoy hiking all that much. However, experience has shown me that if I go to National Parks, I have to get off the normal, traffic routes and take time to really see nature. What I really enjoy is interacting with nature. I enjoy nature when it is as inspiring as possible, as pure as possible and with as few people as possible. I crave to drown in natural excellence and mind-blowing views.  Moab Utah and the Arches National Conservation Area had been a mixed bag of treats. Everything I had read, said that one can cram in the sights in two days maximum. So I decided to stay for four days because I wanted to get up closer and personal. The major, stupendous sights were a rock show full of people and cars. If you want to rub shoulders with hordes of other people intent on taking selfies, you will be overjoyed. If you want some solitude and interaction between the scenery and your mind, you have to hike.  

PARK7PARK5Hikes that are moderate and last in the two hour range sure thin out the congregation of tourists and fast. The bus tours do not stay long enough to discharge hordes of expensive clothing on to the trails. I like to hike slow in as much peace and quiet as possible. My camera, serves as a reminder as it bangs against my chest, to constantly stop, ponder, enjoy and then take a photo to try and capture the scope of my amazement. After all, we spend the money to visit nature and we should want to be fully integrated. 






 The was this hike, that had caught my attention on the very first day. It was called “ the Park Avenue Trail “. To complete and return to the trailhead was walk some two miles. I like the idea that one went down and then down more, to the canyon floor to walk around among the towering, sandstone sculptures. The return hike, which is all uphill, provides the necessary hike abuse.  




PARK6If I have got your attention, then “ the Park Avenue Trail” lives up to its hype. The best way to describe the hike is to walk , among the skyscrapers of New PARK4York. It is a pure walk down Park Avenue , where the views are inspiring. All the monuments are the results of the erosion of sandstone and the resulting sculptures are even more powerful, because you are on the floor, looking up. 






In my mind, the hike that blows away my eyes is far more important than the hike that blows away my body. The Park Avenue Trail did not disappoint me. I walked by people on the trail and they reverently nodded their head in greeting. Few uttered words are necessary when the scenery overpowers the eyes. My camera had the best workout of my trip to Moab. 


I guess you could say ….it was THE MOMENT.