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It has always been my dream to be in a place where I can wear my favourite jacket all day, A place where I can roam around in clothes that stay dry. A place where I can get away from the usual, famous, Manila humidity. All of a sudden, I had reached my stress, meltdown point. I remember I was bored with my usual routine that featured not having enough sleep, heavy traffic and work. You know that moment? The moment when you want something new for a change! My good friend and I decided to travel north, to break out of prison for a while. Baguio will always be one of those perfect places to visit. Baguio has the perfect atmosphere away from the city, a simple way of life and the refreshing cool breeze, that will surely relax your body, mind and soul.

BAGUIO1raveling to Baguio from Manila is very convenient as there are buses that bring you there without any hassle. Many offer comfortable travel options. After work, we managed to get a bus ticket and hop on board for our one day, getaway. One day, no hotel bookings, no big bags, just our excitement. Sometimes boredom creates adventures, I recall hearing somewhere. The night trip only took 5-6 hours and we arrived in Baguio around 4 am. I was so alive when I first saw my breath coming out of my mouth like steam because the air was really cold. I swear I turned into a child instantly, as I was so happy to see my breath for the first time.

BAGUIO5Our first stop was to get a nice, warm coffee to get a boost. Then, we went to the Baguio Roman Catholic Cathedral. This church, with a pink exterior, served as an evacuation centre during the 2nd world war. Then we go to La Trinidad for the famous strawberry picking and to taste the strawberry taho (a Filipino’s favourite morning snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, sweetener and flavouring of what they called arnibal, and sago pearl) which is so delicious.

As the day progressed, we never felt tired even though we walked from one tourist spot to the next. We were two girls on a mission to explore. We were both in enjoyment mode, as the cool wind relaxed and the sun lightened our moods. We walked around the Mansion or what is famously known as the official summer residence, of the President of the Philippines. Then on to Mines View Park, which is one of the most visited parks in the city. From the top of the park you BAGUIO4will have a breathtaking, panoramic view of Benguet’s gold and copper mines and the mountains surrounded by different kinds of flora and trees. This awesome and relaxing view should not be missed in Baguio. We watched people partaking in other activities like horse riding and taking pictures with huge dogs. I got a good photo with one of the most handsome dogs in town.

Novelty shops abound with their artistic and naughty designs and last but not the least is the trying out of their colourful native costumes, which is the Igorot dress. While walking the entire day, you will never get hungry as you can often smell their cinnamon rolls, which are cheap and very delicious. We had our lunch in SM Baguio which is very famous for a mall without air conditioning. .

Our last stop was Burnham Park, which is the usual family park. Sitting on the grass, watching families and enjoying the nice weather, I felt myself coming into my senses again. I felt at peace, BAGUIO2enjoying my own company, and saw myself living the day.

Baguio really made me think that having quick pauses in your busy life, will really help you mentally, emotionally and physically. Yes, I felt good, I felt fully in charge again and ready for action.

I will never forget that one day trip to Baguio. I will never forget that spontaneous experiences release stress and bring good vibes, to face new challenges in life.