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What would a girl want more,  than being pampered by her own Prince?  I was one lucky girl because my Prince had been very secretive when he asked me to meet him, at the back of the Queen of Denmark’s castle, near the water in Copenhagen, for dinner at 6.30pm sharp.  

DENMARK9DENMARK3Oh boy… my imagination went wild.  Were we finally being invited to the Queen’s castle for dinner???? 

Especially when he said to be sure and wear a dress… OMG…. dis I need shopping for a new dress???  I only had seven hours to prepare. Oh no…… 

He did not say much, everything was very hush…hush… 

We met by the water at the time we agreed, and then off we go to another place. 

I asked him, where are we going??? 

He still did not say much, it was a deep secret! 

DENMARK8Finally we arrived at the big building with a National stadium on it and he said the restaurant was located inside.  When I saw the restaurant name….…….DENMARK2  wow….. I was really surprised and could not contain my excitement.  The Geranium Restaurant ! This place was the most trendy and popular in Copenhagen, and one of the three, Michelin Star award holders. It has the reputed, best chef in the world with a gold statue as a prize winner. 

As for the price, a one-person meal is equivalent to one flight ticket from Copenhagen, Denmark to Asia or any Caribbean islands.  Oh, I think my Prince loves me so much…….! 

We were greeted by the staff and ushered to our table.  Apparently ,one needs to book three months in advance, to be able to dine at this place and also pay a deposit. 

The place was spacious with only 11 tables to create a comfortable atmosphere with privacy surrounding the dinners. DENMARK7

There is only one menu and everyone has the same offerings. 

After being seated, we got our water and then we got a wine menu that had a huge selection.  We decided to have one wine matching menu for my Prince and one matching juice menu for me. 

After that the first six appetizers came to the table one by one, followed by drinks.  The dishes were interesting and very delicious. My drink, the green apple, elderflower and lemon thyme was interesting.  It was served and looked like a margarita. The taste was very delicious.  Honestly, I never liked juice matching at a Michelin star restaurant since the taste was always strange and not that nice, but this first drink was exceptional, albeit the next and the next, which was a let-down. 

DENMARK6Finally, we got our first dish of sprouted and grilled broccoli with dried trout and oyster flowers.  It looked very pretty and very flowery, tasted a bit crunchy but was really delicious.  Unfortunately, my sea buckthorn drink was not a match to the dish. 

The salted Hake with parsley stems and caviars in buttermilk was to die for.  I really loved this dish. 

I think the restaurant cheated a bit, as the next dish was a mixed breads and they give us plenty, compared with the original meat dishes. 

The presentation of the scallops in a juniper aroma was interesting, the staff fired the scallops in front of us for a show and also to give off a bbq smell.  However, the final presentation was a bit of a letdown, it looked so normal.  At least, the scallops tasted good and were very tender. 

Another painting dish arrived which was lemon sole with onion herbs and pickled pine.  I really enjoy this offering and would not mind to get it more often. DENMARK5

I was a bit surprised with the dish of tatlet with Fjord shrimp and pickled elderflowers.  The presentation and taste was okay, but I would expect more DENMARK4from the 3 star Michelin restaurant.  Sometimes something is best left out , rather than to eat, especially the head and the skin of the shrimp which was included in the dish.  It did not taste good and made me cough. 

The last dish of cabbage sprouts and chicken was good. 

Most of the dishes served were entertainment to the eyes and my tongue enjoy them much, albeit the small portions.  This puzzled me as the other restaurants with 3 Michelin stars served larger portions.  Just a bit of observation on my part…… 

I was actually quite disappointed with the dessert, I expected more from this kind of restaurant but they failed to deliver.  One dessert was good but the other two were really a letdown.  Do I need to say more……? 

We did a tour in the restaurant and apparently, the head chef was busy preparing a meal for  Princess Mary of Denmark in the next room (oh yeah… I peeped), and the head chef did not prepare our dishes.  Apparently, our mail invitation got lost somewhere, as we did not have the same table as the Princess of Denmark.  At least I shared the restaurant and toilet with the Princes.  What a night.