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The first time I landed in this country it was in the wee hours of the morning, 4:00 am, to be exact. Sometimes it does not matter whether it is the day or night, you feel an attraction to a place. So it was with Tbilisi town. The soft, serene, street lights illuminated the whole town and highlighted the castle in the distance, created a warm, romantic feeling.

TBLISI2The taxi ride from the airport to the city was quiet, without any traffic and thus very peaceful, as we took the winding road down the hill. I felt like I was in a trance….. Everything was going so slowly and everything was really sharp in my eyes and my mind. Yes, it was love at first sight.

The next day, when the sun was shining, it was time to experience the famous Georgia food called Khachapuri, which is Georgian bread, stuffed with meat and cheese and cooked until the cheese is melted and hot.


TIBLISI1In my mind, , the taste was similar to pizza but the bread was thicker and tastier. It was interesting and I looked forward to sampling many different foods the county can offer, that look and taste different to my taste buds. There were many street foods, sweet, which looked like a sausage, however, they tasted strange to me.

No regrets whatsoever, I love their Georgian salad, it is so colourful, fresh and healthy and made from vegetables and fruit. The wild meat food, cooked with many different herbs and spices, was interesting, so many offers which I could not refuse and I tried as many as possible.

Their many selections of wines were really appreciated. They grow their own grapes and some of the graves are not available, anywhere else in the world. The best part is that wines are cheap in this part of the country. I tried to smuggle some to Europe after my visit…shhhhhhhhh……. It is a secret.

There are plenty of Orthodox Churches in the centre of town with beautiful buildings and paintings.

TBILISI3The square was buzzing with many people, locals and tourists, enjoying the sights and restaurants and just people watching. However, beware, there is plenty of poverty at the square with people asking for money and looking like gypsies.

Not many people speak English in this part of the country, but a notepad, pen and body language worked like a charm. Everybody is friendly and full of smiles for strangers.

Taxi drivers were very helpful and the cost is nominal, to go from one city to another and the driver is willing to wait for you and willing to stay overnight. ( in a different room of course) If you are adventurous, you can try one of many local buses.

The weather and wind are temperamental, it blows strongly most days and sings a song to me. My coat is always flying around like a TBILISI4dancer ….a different tango.

The people are interesting, they are not European nor Asian. They are mixed races from many. different countries. Like their food, the people are welcoming to the curious traveller.

Truly, I look forward to coming back to this country.