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Samoa..Samoa…The name intrigued me, because it held the promise of an exotic holiday. The all year, sunny weather would seemingly attract anyone to visit. Add to the sun, the crystal clear, blue water calling the visitor to swim, snorkel and play with the fish, and you have magic.

SAMOA4The local people are a treat to meet. They all seem to have big smiles and relaxed faces. I felt very welcome as they showed me ,how happy they were, to live in this small island.

The local foods are interesting and featured some I never eaten before. But oh boy….. The tastes were so sweet, delicious and healthy especially the fresh fish, taro and the bbq “umu” (earth oven of hot stones). No oils are used here, the fish is wrapped in banana leaves, with freshly made coconut milk poured over. Pigs and chickens are cooked whole, while tucked into the gaps, are taro and green banana, before being put in the earth oven of hot stones and cooked for three hours.

Samoa was a feast to the eyes, to the soul and to the hungry tummy. One need never go hungry here…. If you are hungry, just swim and catch the fish yourself and bbq it, or climb one of the many coconuts trees and get the fresh young coconut, with the sweet juice and soft meat.

SAMOA3Samoa has two islands and both islands have plenty to offer. I was impressed with the beautiful and challenging under water caves. I needed to go down stairs for thirty meters and then swim into the cave, with the running salt ocean water. It was scary, but exciting, and the adrenalin ran high in my blood.

SAMOA1Great entertainment to watch is the many blow holes on the hot sharp lava stones, from the volcanic eruptions. The water comes up and sprays all over, like a dancer offering greetings and extending welcome. When ones goes inland the rain forest is green and screaming to be explored.

For people who just want to sit and relax on the beach, the island beaches are beautiful . One can stroll along the beach front. This is very calming and the sound of water, caressing and lapping on the toes, irons wrinkles out of the soul.

The traditional fire dance was one of my favourite attractions. In my mind, it is magical, especially when beautifully performed with full traditional customs, by sweating, muscled, young man. It was indeed a pagan fire dance.

Every day when I awoke, I fell in love, one more time, with this place. My heart was breaking when I had to say goodbye to the beauty . We all search for these places where the soul, body and mind are nourished. Samoa is such a place.

The only downside of the island is the wild, wild, crazy dogs which chase motorbikes on the street. A dog bite would be a small price to play for such treats. Solution…?..Walk or rent a car!