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There are restaurants and there are Restaurants !…. THIS IS a RESTAURANT! This eatery is located at Torvegade 62 Street, inside an old, two-storey building in Denmark. The minute you walk into the room you feel the warmth. This place is  is a modern in décor, a tribute to a real eating establishment, with a relaxed atmosphere. L’ Altro is patterned after the “Era Ora” restaurant. This was an eatery, in the place where the owner originally came from, in Italy. Apparently, the gangsters and the mafia ran the city with an iron fist, in that era. He and his new wife immigrated to Denmark in 1983, at the age of 20.

ALTRO3They decided to open a fresh, Italian food restaurant, with meals cooked with their secret family recipes. The food would be fresh, warm, filling, full of cream, calories and carbohydrates, to develop female bodies and figures. This was a trend in the 1980s.I kid you not!

ALTRO4This is a fun place to visit and eat. One staff member who served us the entire night was charming with an Italian accent. He looked a tad happy because he had to taste all-new, opened wines bottles before they were served to the diners. Now that is a job to find!

All the staff are Italian and speak English well, so knowledge of Danish is not necessary. In fact, body language is also welcome, especially when involving an empty wine glass.

From the start of the meal to the end…. I fell very much in love with everything. Every part of the whole meal was superb. I am not going to try and use fancy words because words fail to describe it. Very simply, you need to experience it yourself.

Here is my strongest recommendation …This is my third visit to this place! To hell with the star treatment. This is an Eatery!

Their special meal has a deep place in my taste buds. They hold nothing back and indulge “ soul food” with so many calories, cream, goodies and all prepared with ALTRO1secret recipes. It makes for a fantastic night.

I must confess a little. The special meal consists of seven dishes. Of course, being Italian, the staff keep pouring the wines generously whenever they see any empty glasses.

Between the carbohydrates and the wine, I imagined myself as a countess, wearing lots of diamonds and having a handsome, Italian gentleman, as my dining partner. It was an amazing indulgence…..

Later, I awoke from my daydream, to partake of the best tiramisu dessert I ever have eaten…..

If the food makes me a fuller woman body, so be it…………..I could live in 1980 if this restaurant was next door.

Maybe I could exercise and become a gangster hunter to lose weight? Or maybe just a fuller figured 1980’s woman? This IS a fun place!