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From the moment I stepped through the restaurant front door, I simply KNEW it was different. From one rich stimulation to the next, the night unfolded with pleasure. This restaurant shows how a dining experience can be and hands it on a platter to patrons. I was in sheer awe, over the handsome butler, with his crisp uniform who opened and closed the door with a great smile, the huge chandelier in the lobby, the cozy design of the restaurant bar and the friendliness of the international staff, who look great and speak perfect English.   The place is pure pampering for the belly and the eyes and it reminds me of the English aristocrat meals where guests were treated like royalty. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the beautiful and most photogenic Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen which looks like a palace next to the Nyhavn – the famous canal with beautiful and colourful wood buildings. The Magazine Shopping Center is located in the next block if you need to exercise after the excess food.

MARCHAL3MARCHAL4I was seated at the front of the restaurant , looking out the big windows facing the square entertaining my eyes with the many activities outside. I saw the from the beautiful graffiti on the walls, the pop up market nearby, the beautiful opera house, and the people outside.

Inside the restaurant, it was perfectly silent and peaceful.I could not hear any noises from outside and that allowed my mind to wander and get lost in my own space.

The pretty French girl who served was very chatty and helpful. The menu and offered drinks were presented immediately after seating.

The head chef of the restaurant comes from the famous two Michelin award restaurant called AOC in Copenhagen and Marchal has one Michelin award, after opening its doors for just three months.

The food served was served in a very timely manner and was wonderfully tasty, a feast to the eyes and a hungry belly. Everything at this place is designed to perfection and luxury.

MARCHAL2I loved everything at this place and it is location. The final dessert was to die for. I do not know what it is called, it looks like crème brulee, taste like soufflé – warm taste at the outside, with cold vanilla ice cream in the middle, then with sour passion fruit on the top and popcorn ice cream powder, and sweet marshmallow in between. OMG…to live and die for! Tasted really delicious and perfect for closing ( and shhhh I could do the second bowl of the dessert). The cappuccino and free dark chocolate were delicious.

It was my second time to dine here and it will be definitely not my last. Price-wise it is very very reasonable, for this kind of food, in expensive Copenhagen city. One suggestion from me…please dress up to impress when you visit this place, as everything is very formal and grand. Then relax and enjoy the treatment usually reserved for royalty..