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I have always thought that living by the sea is a blessing because there is nothing like the sound of the sea flooding the shore. However,  some people say that life is better in the mountains. Although I  am a girl from the plains, I can understand different opinions. When you look at the sea, you just see a line separating blue sky from the blue sea and endless horizon. One straight line that you can pass indifferently. But when you see the mountains with their lofty peaks looming up in majestic splendour, then you can’t remain indifferent. The Roc Del Quer is a geological formation in the heart of the Pyrenees; a mountain range formed many millions of years ago, when the Iberian plate drifted, and finally collided with the Eurasian plate closing the sea. The Roc del Quer, marked by the tears and scars of its turbulent past, is an emblematic mountain that gives shelter to the town of Canillo at its feet.

MIRA3The Roc del Quer is home to a walkway of the same name. It was opened in 2016 and is destined to become one of Andorra’s main touristic attractions. I think it has a MIRA4huge chance to become the top tourist attraction of Andorra.

The Mirador is easy to access. The road to it is a big zig-zag and in some places, our little Toyota Aygo had problems with climbing. The road itself is a nice view terrace, although you can’t stop anywhere. We passed a small waterfall of unknown name and broke the rules and stopped for a few seconds so I could take a pic and then moved toward the peak. The altitude made us a bit dizzy.


We arrived at the place marked as a parking lot and left our car. It turned out that there is another parking lot 170m away, just in front of the entrance to the Mirador. On the way to the mirador, there were three wooden totems by the Mexican artist Jorge Dubón. Then there were some frames where people could strike a pose or two if they wished.  The walk to the mirador from this place takes about 5 minutes and is not that hard, as it is downhill to reach the viewpoint. Of course, you must return.


MIRA2The viewpoint platform is 20-metres long, 12 meters of which are suspended 500 metres in the air. Part of the walkway is made of glass, which really gives you a senseMIRA3 of the drop and allows you to have Canillo at your feet. However, the glass is so scratched, after just one year from being installed, that it is hard to see anything down there sharp. The mirador is topped off with the figure of a thinker sitting on the edge of the beam, looking on the valley of Valira d’Orient  and snowy peaks of the mountains. I must admit, he has an amazing view of Canillo just underneath and the opposing mountains look breathtaking. You can also find here a brief geological description of how Pyrenees mountain range was formed. We were there for a while observing the landscape and admiring the mountains and villages below us. It was pretty amazing.


MIRA1We sat on a bench having the Pyrenees mountains in front of us and enjoyed the moment. Mountains are really beautiful! While sitting on that wooden bench the words of Jack Kerouac came to my mind. Once he said “Because, in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” I didn’t really climb this mountain, but to see it I gave up a day, or at least half a day, at Barceloneta Beach. But it was so worth to come here. Visiting the Mirador Roc del Quer was the best part of my trip to Andorra.