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When I travel to a country with so many Michelin star restaurants, it is really hard to resist and not to go and sample the cuisine. The hard part is…” which restaurant should I visit???”  I wish I could visit them all, but alas…. those restaurants are pricey …… and I would need to go to a casino and win big, to be able to eat at all of the Michelin restaurants in Macau and Hong Kong (61 in Hong Kong and 19 in Macau), But,  if I won, …………. Hmmm……Wow!

MC1We decided to try a three Michelin star restaurant, in Macau, as it was “the most famous” and the first and the only Chinese restaurant awarded three Michelin stars. We figured, if we want to try good cuisine, we should go to the most popular and famous restaurant, right?

MC2The restaurant was located on the second floor of the Grand Lisboa Hotel, across from the sister hotel Lisboa building, where we were staying for a couple of nights while in Macau.  There is a special pedestrian bridge between the two, so one does not need to go out of the hotel to dine out.

The reception staff dressed up in a traditional, cloth called  a “cheongsam”, which is a body-hugging, one-piece, Chinese, dress for women.  They spoke English well and were very service orientated.

The walk to the table was very interesting, as we passed through an enclosed, dark, long hallway around 3 meters from the reception area to the dining table.   There was a door in between the reception area and the dining area, and the long hallway was dimly lit, and in between the wall of the hallway there was running water, it looked eerily beautiful.  I suppose it is a Chinese superstition where they believe…. if there is running water, the business will prosper. Probably they were right as the place was quite full.MC3

MC4Once we saw the dining area, my mouth opened in awe…. It was like a disco area… or a bar with very strange and extravagant decorations, I had never before seen in a restaurant.  In the middle of the dining area, hung a crystal ball from the roof to the floor with sparkling lights.  One side of the restaurant wall was covered with a mirror. It felt grand, but also strange.  We had the  privilege of seating facing the hanging crystal ball and enjoying the view.

The restaurant had a normal and a signature menu.  Of course, we ordered their signature menu, so we could sample their very best foods.  We do not order their wine matching menu as Chinese food is best drunk with tea, especially Oolong tea, as it helps digest the food and keeps the waistline slim.

MC8The signature menu had 7 different dishes and mostly seafood. I love seafood so I was not complaining .  Since I also love suckling pig, we ordered same. MC7  I know… I am greedy… but I can only have suckling pig in Asia and it is really delicious.

The first meal was French liver goose, with bbq pork and preserved Chinese sausages.  It was tasty and a very good starter, and I looked forward to the rest of the meal.

The second dish was pan-fried A5 Kagoshima beef rolls with watercress. Since I do not eat beef (long story about this),  I gave my beef to my dinner companion and he said it was very tender and tasty.

Finally, my favourite food arrived – Abalone…. It was really good, soft, tasty and it had a very good texture.

MC5In between the meals, my suckling pig arrived on the table and we ate that quickly …oh… I can eat those every day.

A bowl of soup with abalone and silky fowl arrived.. it was a very healthy meal, kept us warm and very healthy, with those vitamins in the soup.

The lobster followed… I loved everything, I cannot describe the food, I supposed one needs to be there to experience it properly.

And then we had sautéed, fresh, seasonal vegetables with gingko and fresh, bean, curd skin.  Unfortunately my companion hated the dishes of fried ,MC6 rice vermicelli and shark fin, as he loves live shark, and I love shark fin soup or whatever dish with shark fin on it.

Lastly, we had tarot and coconut pudding as a dessert.

I loved everything served and the portions were really large compared with the Michelin star restaurants in Europe, and I thought we got very good value for our money.

I will definitely back to this place if the time and money allow.