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Marriage proposals have come a long way since the dawn of the new millennia. From the 1st century BC till the 6th century AD, neither the man nor the woman had the authority to take part in the marriage negotiations, apart from of course, physically showing up on the wedding day itself. This procedure has evolved from century to century. Now, out with the old and in with the new. Most marriage proposals in this day and age are done in style. The Man (in most cases) will find the wildest, wacky and unexpected ways to drop that most awaited question….…and in return, the woman is expected to return the favour, by saying Yes (!), complete with the overflowing of tears, from the effects of emotions in high gear. Maybe, because the male aims to promise his woman the sun, moon and sky, most proposals were done in tower buildings like the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Space Needle etc. Since its opening as the centrepiece of the World’s Fair in 1962, the Space Needle and SkyCity restaurant remain popular, as timeless and traditional places to propose in Seattle. With its height of 184 meters, it takes one to new, higher air.

SPACENEEDLE2SPACENEEDLE3Named the “Best Place to Get Engaged” by the Seattle Weekly. hundreds of “Will you Marry Me’s” have been whispered, shouted or maybe mimed in this landmark. While comparisons are made between the Space Needle and the New York City’s, Empire State Building, the former generally enjoys smaller crowds and the couple can always find privacy, by making reservations at the restaurant.

Apart from being used as a venue for wedding proposals, this iconic structure was originally built to welcome the World’s Fair visitors in 1962, when 2.3 million people witnessed the technology and grandiose, it has to offer.

I had the opportunity to experience the climb, onboard the speed elevator. I was very impressed with the way the crowd was managed. The staff were very courteous and on the way to the top, after the quick health and safety reminders, they offered the visitors a brief history and introduction of the building. Mind you, the ride was only less than 5 minutes, so the information was really….. brief.

Although there were quite a number of visitors that day, we still managed to walk around the Observation Deck and enjoy the outstanding view of Downtown Seattle’s skyline, as well as the very famous Mount Rainier, Mount Baker and Elliott Bay, together with the little islands which you can visit by ferries.

It was cold and windy that day but it never deterred the visitor’s from enjoying the stunning view to get that golden ,moment photograph.SPACENEEDLE1

SPACENEEDLE PHOTOOh, talking about photographs, at the entrance towards the observation area lobby, each visitors were requested to strike a pose in front of a blue screen. Before leaving, you may proceed to one of the large portals where you can access the photos. About 5 options with different backdrops are available for you to choose from and best of all, you can send the photo to your email directly…..for FREE!

The Space Needle has been a beacon of Seattle for ages. It has witnessed many changes in its horizon, has been a part of many couple’s lives, and welcomed many visitor’s like me. to partake of the sumptuous array of spectacular views, the city has to offer.

Thank you, Seattle…..till the next climb!