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Do you remember the first, huge, bucket list, travel item you satisfied? How can surpass the spectacular feeling, of making a dream come true? Why do some places make our minds twist in the wind? From the time I was old enough to dream, I saw myself covered in Inca gold, reporting to some eagle plumed demigod, high in the Andes. No fooling, I was high level royalty, reporting to the head of the Inca nation. Yes, I know it was a dream, but it was a vivid one. This was one place I needed to visit once my travel lungs started breathing.  Then, I would no longer be a travel peon. I would take the elevator, seeking travel royalty. Yes, it is true…I did go to Machu Picchu and YES, when I walked the last steps and the vista was in front of me my mouth did truly drop to my shoes. My camera started smoking, focused on a civilization that seemed to be more advanced than today’s society. This was a city, a civilization, not some grouping of mud huts.

1828681_13390212349109 (2)1828681_13390212349109 (2)I spent two days photographing like a dervish and still, I was a virgin to its grandeur. I died and went to Heaven. It is impossible to describe Machu Picchu. I had this dream all my life and waited so long to see this, that that my mind was speechless.

Somehow when you look over the domain of these peoples who lived in the clouds, the sheer immensity overwhelms. It is impossible to walk around and not realize a simple reality. In this world we surely are the wee ones. We are just a small footprint made in this world.

Do not be obsessed with your own importance and go to Machu Picchu and expect for your ego to be elevated. You WILL be 1828681_13390093202281 (2)humbled. This is a city of the Royalty. A city belonging to the Gods in the clouds. We are simply the dust particles that flit from place to place, and then get absorbed back into the soil.

Yes indeed….this is a Wonder of the World ! Will I return…Damn right I will !