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They say that the soul weighs 21 grams. If it is possible to weigh a soul, is it not possible to weigh feelings as well? Have you ever wondered how much love can weigh? Let me help you. 45 tons! At least! This is the weight of all the romantic locks fastened onto the chain link fence, across the Love Bridge in Paris. This bridge must be a bit overwhelmed by the
weight of love it holds. The habit of writing names on a padlock, attaching it to the bridge’s fence and throwing the key into the river has become a part of the Paris tourist trail. It is as popular as climbing the Eiffel Tower, watching the sunset from the Montmartre Hill, or taking a selfie with “Mona Lisa”. But that will now have to change?

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In 2014 part of the bridge collapsed under the weight of the ocean of padlocks and fell into the river. At first, the city officials tried to prohibit couples from adding more and more locks. People did not listen and then keep locking them onto the fence, so a new, decision was necessary.

When bridges are designed, engineers make millions of calculations
to create a project that won’t cause a risk for people, their health and their life. The “love” that couples were adding was extra
weight and the Pont des Arts just can’t handle it anymore. The weight limit allowance of the bridge has been exceeded a few times already.
150530170249-06-paris-love-locks-tease-large-169 (2)From today onwards, couples will no longer be able to clip the” amour talismans” on this bridge over the Seine River. The metal fence will be replaced with transparent, padlock-proof panels. If
the city decided to leave the 19th century original railings, new locks would surely replace the old and the entire bridge would eventually fall into the river.

Together with the decision about permanent removal of the locks, arises a question. What will happen to the locks, the one that were 2940ADEC00000578-3106110-Employees_from_Paris_City_Hall_have_permanently_removed_the_love-a-43_1433178019257 (2)supposed to stay there forever? Does removal mean eternal love might not be so eternal?

My original story about the forever, love locks was created to bring a bit of magic and hope to a world where nothing can be taken for granted. People who believe in magic say that the only way to break the seal of love engraved on the Parisian love lock is to find the key and unlock it. That is nearly impossible, since all the keys lie at the bottom of the river, and maybe not even under the bridge anymore.

But do you really believe that all the couples that clipped the lovelocks lived happily even after?
Well, I don’t want to take away your dreams if you think so, but the bridge has seen a lot of brokenhearted people who returned with bolt cutters to try to chop off their not-so-valid-anymore-love padlocks.

A naked Love Bridge doesn’t mean that there is no more romance in Paris. There is and there will be. The everlasting magic, that most of us call “love” is not from a padlock, a bridge and not from a city. After all who should decide about your happiness?

Emilia the Rainbow Seeker, reporting on the death of a symbol.