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The more I reflect, the more I believe that good restaurants are like fairy tales, except that they serve fantasy and reality, at the same time. An excellent restaurant serves up meal after meal, of the Hansel & Gretel gingerbread house story. We go to these restaurants to be treated like the royalty in the fairy tales. We hope that we will be transported to a fantasy world, and indeed sometimes we make that journey. We may not get to kiss the prince or princess, but we can ride in a mythical carriage, of food choices.There is one fairy tale restaurant located in a beautiful vaulted cellar, of a historic mansion in Copenhagen Denmark, called “AOC”. Not only do they tempt and satisfy the taste buds, but they unleash the dream wine enthusiast. This restaurant has a huge wines selection in the cellar. And each bottle begs to be tasted.

AOC Restaurant1The AOC philosophy is to achieve perfection within the “New Nordic Kitchen”. They use fresh Nordic produce, taken from both the sea and earth, and the wines are expected to complement and enhance each dish, in a subtle and distinguished way.


AOC Restaurant2This restaurant is one of the top rated restaurants in Copenhagen, and deserves a two star Michelin rating. I felt like Cinderella, entering the castle when I opened the door. The setting was a fairy tale, unfolding!

All the patrons dress up to impress each other…or impress themselves, …as people seem to love to do! Perhaps food does taste better when one is dressed for a fairy tale meal. All the staff feature their black suit uniforms and are very polite, friendly and professional in their job.

The restaurant features three different menus with matching wines. But of course, I definitely selected the multiple, tasting menu, as I wanted to fully experience their famous gastronomy. Can you sense my excitement?

We started with three different small snacks, before the main, meal service. The snack presentation was eye catching, as it was beautifully presented on the plate. Of course, it was tasty because my tale had commenced. The homemade bread was warm and delicious. We were well into chapter three, by this time.

The main dishes were small in quantity, however the taste was the feature and the chef created art. The total dining experience was like looking at a painting with different colours and shapes, and then having the opportunity to savour the tastes. I became a believer in fairy tales.

Actually, it was quite amazing; especially when they served such a simple dish as barbequed onion. Firstly, the chef cooks the whole onion, and then the staff cuts the onion and garnishes the onion, in front of the guest. One goes to the Eden in the sky, and yes, the taste was heavenly; very sweet tones yet, the saltiness of the caviar and the sauce balanced the palate.

The turbot fish, lard and turbot roe was cooked inside the Jupiter plan and the meat was soft, tasty and interesting.

I would love to learn, to be able to cook like these chefs. The take something simple and make it so interesting and tasty complex. There is something magical when all the dishes are excellent, presented beautifully and very delicious.

AOC Restaurant4I note that all top notch restaurants have a light and refreshing dessert. This simply makes you want to start the whole dining experience again. I loved everything served at this special restaurant. I highly recommend if you visit Copenhagen city.

Now, I must go home. Midnight is rapidly approaching and my carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin.