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EC LANZAROTE1Back in April 2015 we were fortunate to have a writer called Emilia Giers in Poland, agree to write for Suja Travel. We waited to see her first story, which was about a trip to she had taken to the land of volcanoes, Lanzarote, Spain in the Canary Islands.  She compared her trip to landing on the moon and seeing a total new landscape.

Little did we know at that time that Emilia would become one of the cornerstone writers for Suja Travel. Over the past year and more, her stories have attracted a huge following of readers and featured many destinations. It was the beginning of a tale, in its own right.

Lanzarote was really an Emilia kind of island , in our humble opinion. The landscape is unique and takes a special eye to appreciate. Over many stories we have realized that the unique eyes of this writer seek out unusual locations and perspectives.

The legacy of Emilia quickly became firmly established, as she is a prolific writer with huge variations in her interests. This is evident in her writings where she loves to push her trips and herself to the absolute limit.

In the final words, we are very grateful to Emilia for all of her contributions and consider it an honor to work with her.

The story of Lanzarote in Spain was fist published on April 21st 2015 and was a success story. Today it  still holds a great position in our library.


EC LANZAROTE3August 29st 2016……….Suja Travel Editors

Editor’s Note –

We salute Emilia and her first story for Suja Travel.

One of the writers suggested it would be a good idea to honor our first writers and their stories. We Agree !

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