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Mielcke & Hurtigkarl Restaurant ….Maybe cuisine is not only an experience, but a solution to all that ails the human spirit. Sometimes cuisine is like a tidal wave ,sweeping us   into a fairy tale. Such was my cuisine experience in Copenhagen ,Denmark.The Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl concept is to share stories and emotions in fairy tales.  There are only two menu choices. One basks in the full experience consisting of seven menu courses. Or, one can show restraint and opt for a second experience  of five menu courses.  Of course, I chose the full experience. Once of the realities of being a restaurant writer, is the reality that one should never deprive oneself, of experiences.


The mark of a special restaurant is in its selection of ingredients.This restaurant uses the best quality, seasonal  ingredients to ensure that the quality of their finished treats, is directed to the taste buds, with maximum effect..

Immediately on arrival,  patrons are placed in a good mood.The restaurant is beautifully located inside the Frederiksberg garden with ducks and peacocks roaming freely, around the lawns.

I was visually enchanted with the room decoration, as the wall was painted with greenery and nature’s adornments.  To add to this ambiance, many bird sounds please the ear,  as background music.  I was transported into an open air area, that was very relaxing to the soul and body. The execution of setting is excellent.

Staff are very friendly and truly professional .  Table settings are discreetly arranged, so guests can private conversations. In my opinion, this is most important in high end dining. Intimacy in the dining experience is created by making the individual feel that their experience is unique.

Champagne arrived before dinner, to tease the taste buds.  Then,  the ten free snacks arrived with superb  presentation and delicious taste. When a meal has this kind of start, it  always makes me hunger for the main,event.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first course of langoustine with oyster creme and wild herbs was delightfully arranged  on the plate.  It tasted refreshing.  Unfortunately, there was not much Langustine inside.  I was hungry for more food in prompt fashion.

The second course  was Halibut with ramson, sol and yuzu, with  an excellent aroma. It was presented like a painting, with salty quail egg and dill sauce.  Indeed, it was a feast to the eyes and the tummy was captured.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe third course was Leek with seaweed, lovage and sheep creme and I would rate this as just ok, but it was not my favourite of the night.  The effort was more into the presentation, rather than taste.

The sweetbread with spinach, peas and burnt garlic was exceptionally tender and very tasty and powerfully presented on a beautiful plate.  It was really a fairly tale with so many beautiful foods teasing to the eyes, taste buds and belly..

I loved the fifth course which was the lobster and monk fish with raw cabbage and dill sauce and puree sauce.  The taste was superb with the meat  juicy and tender. This course, in my mind, defined the meal.

Finally, the two desserts came to the table…. The Skyr ice cream with dill, oat and cucumber was very very mouth watering.  I felt, after the dessert, I could start the whole meal again. Good food, well presented, makes one greedy for more.

The last dessert of pistachio and sponge cake with citrus ice cream and sweet and sour crème was enchanting and cast a spell….like a soft rain shower…..Wow !

I left the table with a very happy soul . Cuisine is a religion perhaps ?