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Nahm Bangkok…I remember reading that the Nahm restaurant in Bangkok needed to be for special moments, because” it was not just a place, it was an event to remember”. That was enough to send this foodie to the Google search engines. The  Nahm restaurant was named #1 in Asia and #13 in the world in 2014, according to Thailand Tatler’s and S.Pellegrino magazines. That alone was enough to entice me to Bangkok.  This is my tale of personal indulgence and then seduction!

Thai FoodThe restaurant is inside of the luxury, posh Cosmo Hotel in Bangkok. The dress code is very strict, because if you eat like the royals, you must look like the royals. So be prepared to dress to the nines. Leave your shorts,  sleeveless shirts ,flip-flops and sandals at home in  he closet. At this restaurant you dress up to impress all the other patrons. Of course, when you arrive,  your attire is given a dignified look-see, before you can enter the Palace to meet the Food. I kid you not!

The staff speak English and are Trained to be perfect hosts.Once you stylishly walk inside, slowly of course, to make maximum impression, you stop for a moment. Because you see, inside the  décor is elegante and drop dead posh.  Dim lights sparkle off rings and jewellery, creating a romantic ambiance. The seating beside the pool  just increases one’s sense of self worth. Odd, but I did not see a sign  “Swim at your own risk. Indeed, that would be a major faux pas.

Thai SoupThe menu selection is huge but they also offer a set menu. However you must order by the whole table. The set menu is based on a la carte menu, consisting of selection of canapés and you select one dish, from the a la carte menu (meat, poultry, and fish).

I decided to try the set menu and quietly, with as much dignity as possible, ate most of the dishes offered. They had 13 dishes, including 4 desserts.It is easy to get carried away…literally ! Ohh, did I mention to wear loose clothing ?

The first snack was interesting, one piece of pineapple with a spicy meat ball topped with celery and a slice of red pepper. The dish looks simple however the taste was loaded with flavor excitement.


The blue swimmer crabs with peanuts and pickled garlic on rice cakes caressed my tummy.  The larp of guinea fowl, and the prawns in coconut wafers were locked in intense competition. This indeed was the Olympics. I could taste most of the ingredients in the dishes, the garlic, the spiciness and they danced . No slow waltz stuff here, this was a South American tango!

Thai DessertThe chicken coconut soup with fried garlic and green mango and chilli was the devil let loose,  hell bent on my seduction. It had an amazing taste, not too spicy,  but with just the perfect balance of ingredients.

The main dish of grilled prawn and vegetables was great. It was  a bit difficult to eat with those huge skins still intact. I did not dare to use my bare hands to crack open the prawn skin, so I behaved.  I re-introduced myself to the fork and knife and was rewarded.  The meat was juicy, tender and tasty. and the scallops were perfectly cooked. Is your mouth watering yet ?

The most interesting part was the desserts. They arrived from another planet. They landed on my taste buds like first class passengers. I have no idea what it was called, but it was an interesting alien and we became fast friends.

Do dare to go, do dare to try, do dare to eat. Go..bed seduced and have a moment to remember!