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This artistic, modern and beautifully decorated restaurant is inside a historic five stars hotel building in Skagen city, and it is famous for it’s beach location. The staff are dressed in a formal black suit, with polished shoes, and serve up exceptional service. They are very welcoming to guests as well as very polite. The dining tables are arranged with enough space in between diners to allow for intimacy and candle lights adorn each table,. The atmosphere is soooo romantic, especially after the sun goes down on the empty street and the street lights commence, creating a different atmosphere. I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I felt myself day dreaming. No air conditioning in this part of the country is necessary. The weather is cold enough during night time.

2 (3)Drinks were offered immediately after being seated and three different snacks arrived, pleasantly adorned with details of the name and ingredients. The presentation was amazing, the taste could not be described by words – all VERY delicious. I could not get enough of the snacks and wanted more……and guess what ?……They were free! Classy start to a meal.


The first course of scallops with radish and cream, sprinkled with flowers was delicious, yummmmmm……… and the duck with berry sauce was total “delish”……. It was cooked to perfection, the duck meat was just right with a pink colour and the sauce complimented all the tastes creating a new dimension of eating. Oh boy…… I wish I could cook this kind of food! I would be an addict !

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Finally, the homemade ice cream arrived, served with crispy chocolate skin on the outside and sprinkled caramel with soft and melting vanilla cream inside. It was very refreshing.


Loved all the food and service, despite the price but hey…..what is pricey, when you live only once? This was worth it!