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As the dark clouds fade away to blue sky, and the rain begins to lessen, the sun faintly peaks its head out. Then, you can look up to find a colorful arch hovering over the horizon. It’s called a rainbow, a result of the sun’s reflection on drops of moisture in the air. It is said that if you follow a rainbow to where the colors meet the earth, you will find the leprechaun who hides and protects a pot of gold, and if you dig around you just might get rich. Some time ago Warsaw became more colorful. A large rainbow appeared on Saviour Square. Yes, I know, rainbows can be seen often in the summer time, especially after summer rains and thunderstorms, but this rainbow is different. It does not disappear, 1962279_14095858641474 (2)this one is permanent. At least, it is supposed to be.  Unfortunately, the Warsaw rainbow was the victim of vandalism. Someone set fire to it seven times already! It was erected to commemorate the Polish presidency of the EU and has become a symbol of discord between the two major political parties in Poland. Why? It is a symbol of gay pride and the supporters of the Conservative Party can’t stand the fact that it is located in the front of a church. So they set the rainbow on fire in protest. City authorities are stubborn and the rainbow is renovated over and over again, and the dance goes on and on!

1962279_14095858504961 (2)But is there a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow? If you try to dig a hole in the Saviour Square I think you could get arrested. Because of its ‘fiery’ past the square is protected 24-7 by two municipal police officers.

The idea of a pot of gold at the end of rainbow is quite creative. You 1962279_14095858735250 (2)can never reach the end of a rainbow because it is only a visual effect and will vary in its location depending on the location of the viewer.  But, since you will never get there to check what is hidden at its end, it can’t hurt to think that there is gold there. But do not be dismayed, there is still a pot of gold to be found… somewhere… maybe… maybe even in Warsaw…!

If you could find something at the end of the rainbow, what would you like it to be?