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When i was young, it was fashionable for us students to own a school notebook featuring, on the front cover,  photos of  local celebrities, cute animals, and points of interests. One of the most popular covers was the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

I grew up in a generation where taking a plane and visiting another country was mostly  a bleak dream. The airfares were too expensive at  that time and low cost airlines were yet to make an appearance.

1945486_14109709841292Who could tell that almost three decades later, I would be able to see for myself the real deal! There I was , goggle eyes,  at the magnificent
1945486_14105523165343 (2)Golden Gate Bridge, pinching and telling myself….please don’t wake up.
I found out that it was silly to think that the Golden Gate Bridge was made of gold.
I know that now because because of the color which was orange vermillion.  It only has the appearance of gold, especially during a sunny day. The color was selected by the architect because it complements the natural surroundings and enhances the bridge’s visibility in fog.
1945486_14105520504034 (2)

The Golden Gate bridge is one of the most famous and beautiful bridges in the world because of its spectacular location, graceful lines, art deco detailing, and emblematic color. With towers extending 700 feet into the sky and over 100 feet beneath the bay, the bridge is also an engineering marvel. You may walk or bike the entire length of the 1.2 mile-long bridge, but you need to dress warmly! At the south end, gifts can be purchased at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion and a café provides food. During the part of the year with daylight savings time, the bridge walk is open to pedestrians between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. The remainder of the year the bridge walk is open from 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

1945486_14109769673261About 20 minutes away from the famous bridge was Pier 39 which is also a popular attraction of the Bay Area.

Pier 39 is a shopping center and popular tourist attraction built on a pier in San Francisco, California. The marina is home to the floating Forbes Island restaurant. The pier is located at the edge of the Fisherman’s Wharf district and is close to North Beach, Chinatown, and the Embarcadero. The area is easily accessible via the historic F Market streetcars.

1945486_14109764834373From the pier one can see Angel Island, Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Bay Bridge. Blue & Gold Fleet’s bay cruises leave from Pier 39.

We had a lovely lunch at the Pier Market Seafood Restaurant consisting of clam chowder, fresh oysters and pasta and more, just so you know that traveling also includes great food.

I may have had a golden childhood illusion overturned by the bridge. But the memories of a special day, will remain forever.