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I was walking along the busy street of Bukit Bintang ,when I heard the sound of bangs and clangs. I headed towards the sound hoping to witness a Lion Dance. I was right, the troupe was in front of a business establishment, poised and ready not just to entertain but to bring good luck. The shop owner and his family were wearing traditional Chinese clothing. Everyone was in a festive mood.

1945486_13923583802290 (2)Here we go…..the lion starts to move to the cadence of cymbals and 1945486_13923589596573 (2)drums. Then the Lion jumped on a stilt, balancing between poles. The skill and precision of the person inside the lion is amazing. Not only must he think of the moves, the timings, the height but most of all, the entertainment value. The more crowd he draws in, the more luck he will bring to the business.


I entered the shop with the rest of the crowd and saw a few more tricks, such as tossing an orange from the lion’s mouth to a spectator which made the crowd cheer and the shop owner beam with pride. At 1945486_13923589837457 (2)some point I was standing next to the noise makers and I felt my ears puff. The dance lasted for about 15 minutes and it was awesome!


Good luck and Happiness to us all!