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The first thought that entered my mind the moment I arrived at Bukit Bintang was  the fabulous array of food stalls in Jalan Alor. This street was like a normal thoroughfare in the morning with a few stalls offering their lunch specials. But at night, it transformed  into a food haven….yum yum yum, are the only words you can utter.

1945486_13924641304043 (2)1945486_13924509963584 (2)Let me start with the skewered meat or Satay as it is locally known. It comes in tiny sticks with choices of chicken, beef and mutton meats. The meats were sliced into strips, which were marinated  in proper Satay goodness (I will not pretend that I knew what spices they used, but one thing I knew for sure, it was so freakin’ tasty!)  and neatly skewered.

By six in the evening, the street was smokin’ (literally speaking) with whiff of the lovely satay aroma lingering in the air. Right away, my brain, taste buds, and tummy were communicating to each other, they were making sounds like a pinball machine, with all the blinkers in full blast.


1945486_13924509983415 (2)The other dishes to be found were the assortments of Chinese, Malay, Seafood fare cooked and served fresh. Grilled fish, seafood, fresh fruits or juices to complete one’s food haven fantasy…
I had lunch in one of the food stalls. Met the chef who offered a buffet of home cooked specials and for my platter, I 1945486_13924513669673 (2)picked a fried catfish, fish balls, fried tofu, soya cake and stir fried veggies, a can of soda at the price of RM 10 (USD 3.00), my tummy and pocket book were smiling in unison. I must say that the food was five star in quality because although the humble fish was only lightly dusted with flour with a little pinch of salt and a dash of pepper, but she managed to fry it to perfection. The skin was crunchy and the meat was moist. It was indeed the star of the show!


On the way back to my hotel, Royal Bintang (the location was perfect without compromising the price), I saw a jackfruit vendor. He gave me a slice to try a bit and yes, I was taken and bought a small tray for the price of RM 5 (USD 1.50). My oh my, it was 1945486_13924643382356 (2)so sweet. Haven’t tasted this fruit for ages, and in a snap, it took me back to my childhood.


Tonight, I plan to go back to bid farewell to my fave, mutton satay which is the only skewered meat that could satisfy my palate. In my opinion, Jalan Alor street food is the best in the world. Not pretentious, it’s all about the flavours.