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The Naif Souk is one of the oldest, traditional souks located  in the souk district of Deira, Dubai, U.A.E. . Here, if you are an adventuresome shopper  you can find many bargains in Arabic fabrics, toys and perfumes . The sheer competition means that prices in general are very reasonable. For sure, when you walk through the doors the colors and products seem to assault the eyes.   Because this is such a magnet for tourists and locals alike Suja Travel often visits the premises.  However, we wish to point out that we have no connections, or revenue, or sponsorship from any one store.  This is just one interesting attraction offered to our visitors.

At the Gate One entrance of the Souk,  a marble plaque attests to its first birth back in  1970 and the post-fire date as 2010.  The building has been designed to evoke the strong sense of history and tradition evident in the earlier structure.

4 (3)After the Naif Souk fire of 2008,  it was replaced by a Mall Style Version which has more than two hundred shop, loaded with products, featuring air-conditioning which means people can shop and stay cool at the same DSCN4542time. In the heat of Dubai, that is a plus and perhaps that loosens the money strings in the purse or wallet.  Take it from me, the vendors are not only good at selling, they are also good in communicating in different languages.

The new souk now has four gate entrances and exits which makes it more convenient and comfortable to enter and leave the souk easily. The new souk  is much more modernized with coffee shops, lifts, escalators and the most important, for today’s generation “ the free Wifi connections”.  Benches are strategically located for those who are avid people watchers, or just plain tired.  There is also enough space for some 100 cars to park near the souk. However, come early as the place is always full of shoppers.


My eyes are always immediately drawn to the colors of the abayas and jellabiyas of different designs.    These colors stand out to the first time, second time and in fact, everytime visitors.  Another major attraction seems to be DSCN4544the selling of bukhoor, which is wood and brick chips soaked in deeply fragrant oils that as the shopkeepers tell you, are used to sweeten the smell of burning coal.


Sometimes shopping actually does soothe the soul. The Naif Souk tries to deliver on all fronts, as it relieves the weight of money in your pocket. Perhaps the experience alone is what draws people? I know it seems to wrap over me, like a coat. It is a great way to get the feel of the Dubai experience.  See you all there!