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This summer 2017 we decided to visit Bali the “Paradise Island” and Flores the “Untouched World “with its beautiful megalith villages and the famous Komodo dragon. 

BALI3 Padang-Padang-Beach-Pecatu-Bali


I have lost count how many times I have been to Bali since I was a little kid on family holidays, with my parents, my sister and my brother. I have also returned when I visited the island alone when I want time off for myself. Bali is thus a special place for me. 

Bali has never ceased to amaze me and I always enjoyed the exploration of the temples, swimming at the pristine beaches, the food, the many massages offered, and the smiling people with traditional Balinese customs. This place is simply a paradise and I can lose myself in its tranquil or hectic beaches. 

This time, our travel journal started in Copenhagen, Denmark with a short transit to Zurich and then a flight and overnight stay in Singapore, before we finally arrived in Den Pasar, Bali. 

We stayed one week in Bali and we arranged a car and driver for 4 days to take us around Bali (with our own itinerary), and the other three days were for us to explore the place on our own. 

The private tour started in the afternoon, the day after we arrived in Bali.  Oh boy…. I really looking forward to see the amazing temples and the abundant of succulent seafood, yumm…yumm… 

DAY 1 

BALI5 Uluwatu-Temple-Bali


The driver picked us up at 3pm at our hotel, and then we started the private tour going to “Padang Padang Beach” to see its golden sand and clear aqua waters, with a rock formation exploding out of the water.  We walked down the concrete stairs, which were built in between the limestone cliff face, past the many, playful monkeys to reach the beach.  My travel companion was crazy when he saw the monkeys and he kept following and taking pictures of those mischief imps. 

BALI1 kecak dance

Kecak Dance

We were very lucky as there was some sort of ceremony and procession going on and people were dressed in traditional Balinese clothing. They were carrying many things for the ceremony on their heads passing down the staircase to go to the beach. 

Arriving at the beach, there were stalls selling colourful sarongs and plaited friendship bracelets. Guys were renting out a range of different surfboards including paddleboards.  There was a bunch of warungs selling fresh coconuts, cold drinks and freshly caught seafood if you were hungry and had plenty of time to spent on the beach. 

BALI2 padang padang beach

Padang Padang Beach

Unfortunately, we do not spend much time at the beach, as we wanted to see the sunset at the “Uluwatu Temple”.  The Uluwatu temple is perched at the edge of the rock, overlooking the sea as if it were on guard.  Balinese people believe and pray at this temple, so they can be protected from any evil spirits around them.  It was a sight to behold.  After that, we saw the “Kecak and Fire Dance” at the temple.  The dance and music was interesting and we can see the beautiful sunset,as it was an open-air arena. 

When the dance finished, we drive to “Jimbaran Beach” for our romantic seafood dinner.  Alas… the driver took us to a not so good restaurant with a high price tag.  I was quite disappointed with the dinner since I like good food.  Oh well.. there was nothing we could do… least we still had several days in Bali to try different restaurants. 

Day one ended !