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December! What a great month it is. I can almost hear the sleigh bells jingling. The snow is gently falling from the heavens and covers the slushie puddles left by November. The perfect, fluffy snow adorns the world around me in a beautiful blanket of white. December surely is the Golden Age of Winter! The Christmas lights in Warsaw this year are probably the best I have ever seen. They were turned on the 5th of December and will be here till the end of January. The city officials buy more and more lights, every single year. I try to recall what the lights were like 15 or 20 years ago, but all I remember is the darkness. Together with commercialism from the West came the new fashion – “The Christmas Illumination”. It is nice to see that Warsaw is finally taking this stuff seriously.

CHRISTMAS3CHRISTMAS2I do not say that Krakow or Wroclaw’s illuminations are not beautiful, but for sure they are not so glamorous and majestic as the capital. The Christmas tree,  lights,  decorations, and the Christmas market are now an integral part of the holiday celebrations in Warsaw. Poland is very cold in the winter, so my country isn’t often visited by tourists at that time. But Warsaw in December and January is an exciting travel destination. It offers plenty of opportunities for photography, that can’t be captured during any other time of the year.


Warsaw Market Square is filled with wooden stalls selling handicrafts and other goods, traditional food, special candies, mulled wine and hot beer. Simple, but so essential winter pleasures! Stands with colorful baubles tempt the eyes. Visits to Christmas fairs can make one feel like a child on Christmas Eve again.

The Christmas street lighting in Warsaw is simply beautiful! A 27-metre Christmas Tree is the centrepiece for the Polish capital’s “Christmas illumination”. The Old Town has the blue, fountain-like feature around the Warsaw’s Mermaid. A new projector displays snowflakes all around. There is an ice rink too. The second CHRISTMAS1projector is used on the castle’s walls, a few meters from the market. The New Town Square has a talking bear that tells tales, and brings a lot of joy to the youngest. The whole Royal Route is beautifully decorated.

The lighting of Warsaw’s Christmas lights is inaugurated by a special concert in the Castle Square and the illumination is by a special guest, the real Santa Claus! Santa from Lapland comes to Poland every year to light Christmas lights in Warsaw. Why he does that for Poland? Well, his wife is Polish, maybe that’s why he has sentimental feelings about my country and does us this favor.

For sure, Poland’s capital city is beautiful at Christmas. The authorities spend a lot of money on this every year. They want to make sure that the residents of the city will be proud of their city. They want Poles to be proud of their capital and tourists to love their stay. So don’t hesitate and see with your own eyes all the magic lights. Let Warsaw charm you, and maybe you will fall in love with Warsaw during the Christmas season .