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DCIM100GOPROG0869689.Georgia…..As many of you know, I am a type of traveler who is thirsty to lead a life of adventures.  Whether I find myself in the middle of a vast ocean or on the peak of a sky-scraping mountain, in solo or in group, without having a second thought, I will always jump at every thrill activity. Not because I’m leaving “YOLO” but rather, I firmly believe that there are different moments to cherish and stories to tell in certain times and places.  I was in Georgia and there was the chance to go paragliding.

My thinking was something like this “what I had experienced when I first visited Maldives (for example) can be totally different when I will visit it again ,with my future husband”. So for me, better to seize every opportunity that is on your plate! Right?


Dis I say that  I decided to take a leap in Georgia by ticking off one of my dream activities, bucket list items – PARAGLIDING.? Well, I was that excited ! It is still fresh in my memory that last July 1st, 2016, I was able to witness God’s spectacular masterpiece in Gudauri. This is where part of the great and mighty Caucasus mountain range resides. Witnessing it is really inimitable because I just didn’t see it in a usual way like by walking or by passing around the area, but I saw it how a beautiful eagle sees it. I had the birds eye view experience!

My 15-minute, treasured, bucket list experience started when my knight-in-shining-armor (only that day) gave a short briefing and geared me up. I was a little bit nervous because I had to run with all my energy to reach the cliff and then jump. JUMP! Really? in Georgia???

PARAGLIDE1To ease that roaring stampede in my belly I screamed at the top of my lungs. That long “ooooooohh” was changed to “WOWWWWW” and “AMAZING” and then “INCREDIBLE”. I was  a parrot saying these words over and over because the view from the air was really exhilarating. I was fortunate because when I jumped the wind blew perfectly in one direction.


I was given an eagle, wide angle view of the landscape, the snow capped mountains, the blue sky with cotton clouds and the green scenery. I was in a cartoon movie that time, you know the the part when the character’s eyeballs were out flying in front of the face 🙂 When we got close to the landing point, my partner gave me a series of twirls and turns. It was a roller coaster in the air. It was full of fun and I will never forget every single detail and every single second.


The adage says ”A picture is worth a thousand words”, but for me, “A video is worth a million words”. I hope this video can fill what I have missed on this blog! Enjoy watching…


At Suja we are constantly working at ways to make our reader’s experience more enjoyable. We have  been working on this project with Genine for a few weeks and we wanted to showcase her talents as a vloger. We are always proud of the efforts of our writers and this is just one more example how Suja Travel is moving into the travel story.

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In order to access the vlog….simply click on the following link and enjoy !