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Relais Louis XIII Paris, France…What girl would not wish wish to be whisked away to the romantic city of Paris, France ? What girl could resist an evening that featured it’s sparking and twinkling lights whilst sitting in a horse drawn carriage ?  Mix into that magical cocktail,the ability to  dine at one of the best restaurants, with two Michelin award… I have the attention of all women ?

PARIS1This was, without a doubt,  a wonderful start to a new adventure in a romantic city.  I was dressed up like a Princess and felt like Cinderella.  I understood that I should likely get back to my hotel before midnight. The idea of turning into a pumpkin was far from appealing.  My Prince was charming and a perfect, suave gentlemen which was delightful.

The scene was surely set in silver and gold !

The restaurant was called “Relais Louis XIII” after the famous King of France, who ruled his kingdom, from 1610 to 1643.  The restaurant is located in the heart of 6th arrondissement of Paris, in the site of the Couvent des Grands-Augustins. This the very place where Louis XIII was proclaimed King of France in 1610 and positively reeks of history.

PARIS3When we entered the restaurant, the was no receptionist to welcome us. Having no one in the reception area and having to wait a while to be welcomed and have our reservation confirmed seemed a little strange . After all, this is a high end dining establishment with a rating of two Michelin Awards.

Once properly welcomed, the staff offered to take our coats.  When I decided to bring my coat to the table, to hang it on the chair, I was told the chef would not be happy.  In my opinion, this was done in a rather rude manner. Thus, I was quite irritated and ready to leave the restaurant and go somewhere else. When you expect to part with serious $$$$$ you expect better treatment.  First impressions count and I believe that every patron is royalty and thus  must be treated as such.After all, I had dressed the part and arrived in style.

After settling down, we enjoyed a glass of champagne and decided that we would have their full tasting menu, which consisted of 10 small dishes with matching wine.

While waiting for the food to arrive, there was time to observe the surrounding ambiance.  The restaurant is quite small, having only six tables on the serving floor . On this particular evening only five tables were occupied Anyone who reads my analysis of restaurants will know that I delight in my privacy when eating. To call a restaurant a high end establishment and have tables one on top of the other, simply destroys the impression that you are important.   Unfortunately, the tables were close to each other and we could easily see patron meals and hear conversations. At one time, we even had to exchange greetings with another table. I am not anti-social,  just love my meal privacy time.

The restaurant’s interior is very interesting with old stones and noble, wooden beams on the ceiling, engravings, portraits of Louis XIII and Marie de Medicis, stained glass windows and antique Louis XIII style chairs, ( most of which are not that comfortable to sit upon).

PARIS4There was only one, free snack served before the tasting menu started – which was surprising,  especially for a two Michelin Award restaurant., In addition, there was two staff serve the entire tables. Draw your own conclusions, I just report the facts.

The best part is the the dishes served were delicious and plentiful with full flavours of the seafood – fish and lobster, and tender, juicy meat.  The servings were so good that by the fifth course, I was a bit full. However, I went deep into my resources and found the will and perseverance to continue. Luckily I managed to finish all the courses.

Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with the Chef’s Signature dessert,. Oh God…… I hope  the Chef can make better desserts than what was served.  I did not find it tasty nor presented well.  It was very brittle and made a mess when eaten.  We noticed, that the other three tables did not eat the dessert either ( yes..we did peek ). Probably, they did not find it interesting or tasty either.

I loved all the meal except the dessert and the service. At the finish , the waiter actually asked how much of a tip, we wanted, when we paid the bill. This also happened at the table next to ours. This is a definite “ no no” in my book, especially in this kind of establishment. PARIS5Tipping is done with a certain amount of discretion and never asked for loudly.

For the total cost of over €500 for the meal with this kind of service, I will not be back here.  Au Revoir……

However, in retrospect, I left with my Prince and he is still my Prince Charming…… And, I am still the Princess…:)