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Wanderlust Lone Journey…..My heart was pounding while I was saying a little prayer of “Lord, please do not let me freak out” ! My prayer may have sounded a bit weird but it was a different set of circumstances. I was in my twenty third year of my existence and it was my first time to fly in a plane. I love traveling, but that means going fro m one place to another by land and by boat but not by plane. I am not a fan of flying, period!

BANGKOK2But if I want to be  a wandering soul, I know I have to face this fear of flying to satisfy the wanderlust. I love to travel alone, it gives me this kind of an independent feeling, the kind of freedom that my soul always begs to find. My solo travel began in the Philippines and I was confident it would continue it in Bangkok. Why Thailand? Oh well, nothing beats a place with culture, temples and delicious food! Yes Bangkok was the first choice.

The first time to travel outside of one’s country is always memorable to everyone, I think. I can still remember how happy I was to do my first travel outside of my home country. I had that that inner joy. The same feeling of falling in love with something you do, over and over again. I arrived late at night at Suvarnabhumi airport but my mind BANGKOK1was so alive like I was in ecstasy (not using, just an expression. Hahaha). The airport was as huge and beautiful as I always read about the experience. I had nothing to compare ,as it is my first time to see a new airport beside my own. My hotel was thirty minutes away from the airport and the night covered the sky but when we reached the road of Sukhunvit, the colourful lights of the street stated to gleam into my eyes . Right there and then, the moment I stepped out of the van, the delicious smell of the famous Thai foods were everywhere and I did not want to wait for the sun to touch the sky, for me to start to taste everything!

My first day in Bangkok started with a famous Pad Thai. I did not know the difference between “no spicy” and “mild spicy” as the food was really hot for my taste buds! Water was my new best friend in Bangkok, because the food is really delicious but wow…its’hot and spicy. After  breakfast, I went directly to Wat Po, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This temple is first on the list of the six temples in Thailand classed as the highest grade of the first class, royal temples. The temple was expanded, renovated and became the home of the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand. Wat Pho is one of the oldest temples.  It was built before Bangkok was established as the capital by king Rama I.

My eyes were opened wide seeing this 46 m long, reclining Buddha in front of me. It was really huge and brilliant gold.  The soles of the feet of the Buddha are 3 m high and 4.5 m long, and are inlaid with BANGKOK3mother-of-pearl. Each divided into 108 arranged panels, displaying the symbols by which Buddha can be identified, such as flowers, dancers, white elephants, tigers, and altar accessories.  At the center of each foot is a circle representing an energy point or what they called Chakra. There are 108 bronze bowls in the corridor representing the 108 auspicious characters of Buddha. They said that if I dropped coins in these bowls it would bring good fortune, and it also helps the monks to maintain the wat. Besides being mesmerized with the golden Buddha’s around the place, what amazed me was the Phra Maha Chedi Si Ratchakan which is a group of four large stupas, each is 42 metres high. I remembered the tour guide proudly pointed his finger at the stupas and telling me that they were dedicated to the first four Chakri kings. They honoured them with these stupas which are really tall and full of details.  When the sun touches them, the golden rays shine everywhere.

The richness of Thailand really shows up in the temples and in the people smiling at us ,as we marvelled on their wondersBANGKOK5. Besides their history what really excited me was to eat in the busy streets of Bangkok, where exotic and spicy foods are rampant. People are not really fluent in  English but I will tell you, they try their best to be on the same page with you.  The smiling faces of the Thai people also adds to the homie feeling I had in this country. Well somehow they look like Filipino and the street look like places in Manila but you will know the difference. The smell and the appetite of the people around differs in Bangkok.

To complete the package, the other personal thing I loved about Bangkok was the cheap things everywhere with nice quality. Clothes, bags, shoes, electronics and many more make you want to spend more time in Bangkok. All in all, my first trip out of my country journey was memorable and worth the experience. I will never forget how Bangkok welcomed me with its own uniqueness and beauty.  The nice thing about travelling alone is the urge to make friends, I met wonderful people in Bangkok, and although they were not really fluent in English  they were very helpful and hospitable in many ways.  They know to make you feel comfortable with them and I will always cherish those people that were part of my journey. They say that the first love never dies! I will always go back to this place because I am in love with their culture, people, places and food!