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Faro Island , Copenhagen……..The Best of the best restaurants from Faro Island  has come to town.  This restaurant follow in the food steps of one of the best restaurants in the world,  “Norma”, where it takes the whole staff to visit, cook and serve the people of Copenhagen for 3 months.

K0K1It was a great opportunity for me and other Copenhageners to sample the Faro Island cuisine without the need to jump on a plane and fly to the distance. This instant restaurant used a local, wine-bar building. It is quite small, however has a very good location at the scenic and tranquil harbourfront, to serve dinner to new patrons.  KOK6There are no table cloths on the table, however the premises is decorated in Faro Island style, for example, hanging fish lamps which are made from the whole dry fish. The whole room has a fish motif and atmosphere.

They use traditional ,Faro Island cutlery, with special knives, which look very interesting and are very sharp.  There are several different size of the knives on display.

The handsome staff explains the story of the knives and how they were used to kill sharks or other large fish in the old days. They KOK4entertained us with stories about Faro Island scenery and location of their current restaurant on the island.

There is only one menu so one just sits back and relaxes for the experience. The snack arrived for the palate tasting and it was a feast to the eyes.  We needed to be careful, not to eat the brownish looking leafs, from the bowl.  They were decorative.

After that we had soup to chase away the first taste and another snack of crispy fish, topped with spices, arrive in style, decorated with many fish bones.

More snacks arrived consisting of greenery and smoked lamb which tasted delicious.  We had a big clam on our table , accompany us during dinner, compliments of the staff (unfortunately we also ate it’s friend – hopefully the clam was not afraid of us).  We had the total of 7 different kind of snacks, to tease our taste buds, before the tasting menu started, which consisted of 9 dishes.

KOK3I loved most of the dishes.  There was a different twist in the middle of our dinner, as the staff ushered us outside. They told us they will serve food outside and we were bewildered as they put us in a groups of 6 people.  The staff took us across the road to a small wood building located right on the harbour.

We were squished together, inside a small room full with dry fish, herbs, etc, and the staff told a story, that in Faro Island, a similar building like where we were standing, was used for fermenting the fish, etc,etc. The staff then opened another KOK2door and we were seated together in the long table, with a direct view of the ocean.

They served us traditional Faro Island soup with dried fish, beer and strong schnaps with 45% alcohol, wow….. it was very very strong.  We had to drink the schnaps directly from a bull horn, which was passed from one person to another. We each needed to finish the whole schnaps serving on the bull horn.  What an experience….

After the soup, the staff come back and take us back to the other building for our next dish.

The whole experience was interesting and we got to know the other people better while we were in the small fermented building.  It almost became a friends gathering.I loved the food and now I look forward to visiting Faro Island.