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Honeymoon…..As the night approached, my  husband told me that we would see big things ahead of us. I thought that he was just talking about our future again, in the middle of our honeymoon get away However,  he was being literal with his words, while we approached the OCBC Skyway. Indeed, getting closer to the Gardens’ futuristic, super trees made me feel small. It was really a “wow” thing to see, I thought that being in the largest, glass greenhouse in the world was enough to satisfy my wanderlust- I was wrong, this was really different. I was if we had  entered the world of the Avatar (Movie). I could not help but keep on telling my husband, that we are in the Avatar world, surrounded by a massive, man-made, weird looking trees.

OCBC2These iconic tree-like structure measure 25 and 50 meters tall, and these vertical gardens are designed with large canopies, that look fantastic in every normal  day and come with an amazing display of light and sound at night.

It was perfect timing for us, because the weather was nice and rain would not ruin this special day we were experiencing. When the darkness of the night covered the sky, and the the trees began to light up, the colors are combinations of cold and warm, so you feel OCBC5very relaxed. In each tree, there is a big, platform where anyone can sit for conversation,, bonding and photo taking. My husband and I looked around with curiosity and we wanted to take something from this place – so we decided to take time to learn more.  Knowledge and experience are the best souvenirs you could ever have in any destination. So we came to know that each supertree consisted of a trunk core, made of reinforced concrete wrapped with a steel frame. Also, planting panels are installed on the trunks for the planting of the living skin. Each canopy is embedded with environmentally sustainable functions, then assembled and erected via a hydraulic jack system. And to burst our bubble, these super trees are not real trees that have been upgraded into something supernatural, It is all man made and really awesome.

OCBC3The thing that made the supertrees environmentally friendly, is that some will have photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy, to light them up. Others are integrated with cooled conservatories and serve as air exhaust receptacles. Amazing isn’t it? So after filing our minds with too much information ,we started to fill our eyes with the dancing lights and to follow the beat of different kinds of music. We really enjoyed the program of stunning lights and music and then it was OCBC4time to climb and see the trees up-close.

We reached the top by using the elevator in one of the largest trees. We had this sense of excitement, knowing that we would have a, one of a kind experience. Once the lift was opened we felt  a breeze that gives you the idea that you’re already at the top. Our eyes marveled while seeing the different views of the Garden. We strolled along he 128-meter long walkway connecting two Supertrees at the Supertree Grove while appreciating the panoramic views of the Gardens as well as the surrounding Marina Bay area.  We walked hand and hand and took good shots of the beautiful view of the city, the bay and the garden. It was nature colliding with the city and yet well balanced. I was really impressed and if you will ask me whether I would like to visit the place again, I would definitely say yes. I must say, the whole garden is worthy of visit.  It entertains a lot, but most of all, there is a lesson to learn. There is no harm in having a progressive and successful country, as long as it will not jeopardize our environment. Things are really beautiful with nature.