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Maldives…If there is one thing that I admired about the Maldives, it would have to be the paradise,‘crystalline, blue waters. It was far different than the other beaches I had seen in my life. Combined with the beaming sun, white, powdery sand and the tropical weather; the feeling is surreal. Certainly, a trip to this place will not be complete without having relaxation, which we did in our first two days and of course, adventures!

MALDIVES8We awakened and fed our adventurous hungry souls in the last two days of our trip. Maldives is made up of mostly water and small islands around 26 atolls which are famous for their bright coral reefs, thousands of colorful fishes and much more. Island hoping from one resort to another is a good way to see it all, as each of them has something unique to offer. Hence, we set out on foot to other resorts.

What came first on the list of our island hoping activities was kayaking. I only experienced riding in colorful, plastic canoes but this one is extraordinary for it is transparent and made up of glass. As expected, this destination will always give a luxury feel to their visitors, even on their watersport activities. Transparent kayaking is an excellent way to receive a clear view of the ocean’s floor and all its inhabitants.


After floating on the calm water for almost an hour, our guide called us for the next activity- snorkeling. We traveled for about 30 minutes to be in the middle or I guess… to a deeper part of the ocean where the wonderful sea creatures reside. I was so thrilled and did not want to  wait, to don our snorkeling gear, but, to our surprise, our guide added a little fun . He advised us to jump into the water, from the second deck of the boat. That put a big smile on my face so I volunteered to be first. Immediately, I went to the cuddy and made a big splash! Wow! It felt so good to immerse myself in adrenaline and adventure. I really thought I’m turning my feet into fins for every jump I made, which I remember…five. I did five jumps, guys! That was totally cool!

To highlight my mermaid moment, the guide handed over the snorkeling gear and I began to swim and enter the magical world beneath the surface. If the islands of the Maldives are already beautiful, what lies under the water is a bizarre collection of marine species. There, I saw “Nemo” and some of his fish friends. They are living in the bright coral reefs. It was so beautiful down there.

Dolphins are mermaid’s best friend and I wouldn’t allow the day pass by without saying “hello” to them. Our guide shared with us that MALDIVES6these friends of mine have a regular daily routine – they come into the atolls in the early morning and leave again for the open ocean in the late afternoon. Thus, we ended our island hopping experience by watching the dolphins as they swim up and down on the DCIM100GOPROGOPR1215.ocean while the sun signs out.

Our trip was not complete without visiting the country’s capital, Male City. As far as I remember, from the airport going to Male City will take about 10 – 15 minutes. They have a very flexible schedule so you don’t need to worry in case you miss your chance to ride the ferry. Their city is a bit different from the city that I have grown up with. It is surrounded by clear blue waters. If you want to swim, I think you can plunge into the water anytime. It was like a resort but a civilized version, with buildings and vehicles. I noticed only few cars were on the narrow streets as the majority of transportation was  motorcycles. It’s safe to walk around the area and the local people were friendly and accommodating.

The prime reason we went there was to do shopping! One of my friends advised us that it’s is cheaper to buy souvenirs in the city than to the resorts, which I strongly agree. My cousin and I hopped from one store to another to buy something for our friends and families. We hauled t-shirts, ref magnets, keychains and some accessories. We totally enjoyed bargaining with them because they really give good discounts. You just need to be patient to find the right store.

That’s it! This trip totally went to my happy core memory and will never be forgotten. I will always reminisce that moment, for it had all the ingredients of my dream holiday – relaxation and adventure.