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Maldives was the valedictorian, in my list of my places-to-visit, especially when I talk about beaches. I had the perception that this realm was for the wealthy;   and it it crossed my mind to just simply drop this dream. But last August 2015, this destination finally got its diploma and graduated with flying colors. With my cousin, we reveled in the beauty of this place for four days and three nights. Indeed, it was one of the best and unforgettable trips we have ever had. Why? Hmmmmm,  let me take  you down our memory lane.

MALDIVES5The four-hour trip from Dubai to Male Airport seemed to be the longest flight we had ever taken. Not because the duration was literally long, but it tested our patience because we could not wait to get our butts off the plane. It was difficult to believe we were setting foot in the place we used to see in magazines and television. It was finally becoming a reality. Seeing the picturesque islands from our window made us even more excited . Do you know that feeling when you just want to plunge right away in the crystal clear blue ocean?  MALDIVES3But of course, being in a plane we managed to hold our horses and  just simply wait . Yep, planes are indeed rather restrictive….Lol

As soon as we landed, our hotel representative gave us a welcome that was warm as the sun. He took our luggage and directed us to their speed boat. Its interesting, each resort has its own booth or representative outside the airport. It was a fifteen-minute boat ride ,so he made sure that all passengers were really taken care of. He gave us warm towels and drinks to freshen up and briefly discussed the history and what to expect in the Maldives. I knew that we were near  paradise when I saw how the ocean changed its color from dark blue to turquoise.



MALDIVES2“WOW!” This was the first word we uttered when we arrived at the resort. We saw different shades of blue as far as our eyes can grasp. There was a  rumble of feelings in our bodies. We wanted to jump, dance, cry and laugh at the same time especially when we witnessed the jaw-dropping front view of the hotel, accompanied by the tropical welcome song and drinks.. We were in a paradise; a haven for people who want to leave the busy city and indulge in the luxuries of life.

We could not wait to explore and see everything, so we immediately checked-in to our room. It was located over a lagoon MALDIVES4which offered a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.  We also had a balcony wherein we can jump and dive, anytime we want. How cool is that?

What struck me the most was the beach / infinity pool area. Believe me when I say, we stayed there for almost one whole day just to experience the sunrise and sunset. Both of these offered a tranquil feeling, where you can hear the gentle blow of the wind ushered by the palpitating waves of the sea which for me, was the invitation to swim. It felt so good to immerse my body in the warm crystalline waters. I could open my eyes and see things clearly underwater without wearing goggles.  I really thought I had fins and could live there forever. Well aside from being a mermaid, we also had time to read, share stories, and take endless photos and nap. Gazing to the stunning view of the sea while sun goes up and down is part of the activity. Those made us realize and appreciate the greatness and the artistic side of nature.

That’s it! Basically, we just spent our first two days relaxing in. And, as much as I wanted to share my whole four-day experience in one article, I needed to control my excitement as I don’t want to load you guys with too much information. It’s good to savor every moment, one at a time. So stay tuned on my next post for I will be sharing the adventure side of our Maldives getaway.