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Puerto Galera…Back in the summer of 2015, my company here in Manila wanted to give its employees a little treat that did not spend much of the company funds, and they thought of Puerto Galera. The idea was not of much interest to me because I wanted a vacation in Boracay or Bohol, but when I saw the place, it was far more than I expected.

PUERTO GALERA4Puerto Galera, from the name itself, indicates that the Spaniards were the first colonizers. The Spaniards gave Puerto Galera its name, which has an English translation of “Port of Galleons”. It is said that the Spaniards were the first to inhabit the island, in the low land parts.  I believe that is true, but in the mountains, the Mangyan people lived,. These people in legends are said to have had a little tail at their back and were known for their black magic.

PUERTO GALERA5During the Spanish era, the port was mainly used as relief for sailors and other crews, to give them the break they needed, from the challenges of the job. The Spaniards already knew the vacation value of Puerto Galera as impressive, in fact, they loved its relaxing appeal, combined with many scenic views. Aside from being a vacation destination in the early time. Spaniards also ran to Puerto Galera to keep themselves safe from monsoon harm. It has been considered as one of the safest, most convenient natural harbors. It is sheltered on all sides and today remains a favored anchorage for long term yachts and short term vacations.

Several artifacts were discovered in the 1980’s, that proved that the Spaniards also enjoyed a streak of bad weather. The shipwrecks (Spanish/Japanese) discovered in the harbor of Puerto Galera were excavated and all the artifacts recovered were put together in the excavation museum.

Puerto Galera is the Northwest most municipality, in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. It is located at the southwestern end of the island Verde Passage, about 130 kilometer south of Manila. It is just 3 to 4 hours away from Metro Manila. To get there, one needs to ride a vehicle to Batangas Port and then take s short ferry boat ride.

PUERTO GALERA2The place is very accessible; banks, supermarkets,hotels, internet cafe, restaurants are found, and it has a good Telecommunications. As a proof of its beauty, the area was designated as a “Man and Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO, and is listed by the “Club des Plus Baies du Monde” based in France as “one of the most beautiful bays of the world”.

Puerto Galera like many other sea destination in the Philippines has nice white beaches, and excellent diving, attracting many tourists.. The beaches offer nice white sands, that is coarser than what you may find on either Boracay, Bohol or Catanduanes. However, if it it’s the breakfront you are coming for, you may want to choose either “White Beaches” or “Sabang Beach” as these are the two most popular for beach lovers. The water around Puerto Galera is fantastic, and excellent for swimming, especially for children, since the water is very shallow and offers no strong currents. This makes PUERTO GALERA1for an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling for people of all ages.

In Puerto Galera, you can also experience some of the best diving spots found anywhere in the Philippines. There are many diving centers, and all of them offer superb diving packages. You can expect to see some really cool tropical fish here, you may see the wonderful Lion Fish, or the beautiful and unique Frog Fish, among many other species.

Puerto Galera is a relaxing vision of shimmering seas surrounded by lush mountains. It is one of the most beautiful and developed resort communities in the country. Behind the beaches are the huge and generally unexplored mountain ranges of Central Mindoro. A particular local attraction is the 9-hole golf course perched on the hillside above white beaches which commands spectacular views over the Verde Passage.

There is no doubt that Puerto Galera is really an affordable haven for it offers cheap packages. Visit the Philippines and marvel at its beauty.