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Bijan Restaurant…The truth is always the reality.  The Epicurean  wanders around the world, enjoying the tastes of foods, smells, mixtures, spices and atmosphere. Every new taste is another experience.  Throw in some ambiance, privacy and service and the world turns into a comforting place to travel. Such a place was said to be “ the Bajan Restaurant” in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia. If you have time and money to spurge, this is the place to spend a fantastic evening . Here you get to experience traditional “Nyonya cooking”, which is famous in Malaysia.

KL3Like any other restaurant that always shows up on radar, you must book a table , ahead of time. To go there directly, without any reservation, is to risk failure, since this place is very popular with locals and foreigners.

I found this restaurant to be very trendy, with a bar near the front door, with a large, beverages selection, and beautiful decorations composed of  different lamp designs, which give a warm ambiance.

The table was covered with white table cloth and candle. Over the years, I have grown to appreciate privacy, whilst eating as a component of a great dining experience. When tables are placed too close to each, the shared dining experience is not to my liking. The Bijan came though with flying colors. It offered good, personal space and privacy between each patron, which I love.

KL2This restaurant has a large selection on the menu which makes the process of ordering difficult. When all the menu items look very good and interesting, the question is what shall I order?  Secondly, how does one eat this Nyonya kind of food ? Does one share or should one eat the whole meal by oneself?

Finally, I decided to try many dishes, since I could not find this kind of cooking in my country.  Plus it was New Year’s Eve so it was time for celebration.

I was greedy and end up ordering 7 main dishes – however, had no regrets whatsoever, they were all so delicious. A word of caution however. Beware, if you do not like spicy foods. These kinds of food will make you sweat like pig and a worst case scenario is that  you will scream for water ,each time you take a bite of the food.

Personally, it was a bit too spicy for me, however I really enjoyed the meal. The food was so different in style and taste, with so many herbs and thick coconut sauces.

My favourite dish for the night was the black squid. It did not look good, as it looked like black dirty earth. But wow…. The Taste was delicious;  sweetness and spicy blended together, making my tongue dance in fire and ask for more. The other favourite was the fish curry; so rich in taste with the portion huge.

KL1The staff were very friendly and accommodating, however the service was a bit slow for this kind of restaurant and there was a bit of a mix up with my drinks order and final bill.  Since I enjoyed the food so much, all small mistakes were forgiven.

To be honest, I liked all the food since it was special and delicious. I is not necessary to promote just one.  I will definitely back to Bijan Restaurant when I return to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.