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Mikla Restaurant…My search for exciting and excellent food to tantalize my palate always continues, some aspects of life are a never ending quest. This trip it brought me back to the cosmopolitan and interesting city of Istanbul in Turkey where the the east and the west meet in beautiful fusion.

The Mikla Restaurant is restaurant located on the roof top floor of the fashionable “Marmara Pera” hotel. The view alone from the restaurant makes the visit, at night fantastic. My eyes were entertained by the twinkling lights of Istanbul City and my soul soared like an eagle looking at all the sights.

ISTANBUL3The staff was professional and spoke English well. The restaurant décor is modern and spacious . However the with sea of windows opens the panorama of the city centre, on the whole floor. This alone creates an impressive atmosphere. I am am real stickler for privacy to enjoy my meal. This restaurant features enough space in between other patrons for private conversations and admiration of the views outside, without interruption. This helps make the meal so much more enjoyable.

We had their tasting menu with matching wines. The food was excellent and modern with a twist of Turkish and Scandinavian cooking mixed together creating a special flavour and fusion. From the entry to the final main course, the food was beautifully crafted , very tasty and refreshing.   The staff twirl around beautifully, like whirling dervish dancers. in their white uniforms and aprons. The dance seemed to help make the mouth water for more.

ISTANBUL2My favourite food for the evening was the slow cook grouper with spinach root, caper, tarhana, tire Potato, fig vinaigrette. It was very delicious and melted in the mouth. Need I say that again, to show my appreciation:) ?

The lamb from the pot was really made my mouth dance with every bite. The flavours of the individual ingredients paraded in my mouth and begged for applause. Yummy is just another understatement word.

The wine matching was superlative for the food . Surprisingly, most of the wines and grapes came from Turkey. I must admit, I never knew that Turkey ha such great wines. I was very happy to find new wines to add to my wine-like list.

The food quantity was plentiful compare with the countries in Europe with a similar restaurant cost..

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the dessert. To me, it was a “no no” in this kind of restaurant. I personally do not like rice ISTANBUL1pudding with mandarin sorbet. It looks awful and tasteS awful as well. In my estimation, , this kind of dessert should be stored away….. deep inside the cupboard.

Despite the bad dessert, I would highly recommend this place for the food lover who enjoys a great meal with a romantic view across Istanbul city. Remember to reserve a window table, when you call the restaurant. Ohhhh and remember relax at the bar next to the restaurant after dinner.

Ahhh, Sweet Dreams are Made of This !