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In the very south of the island of Lanzarote, near the resort of Playa Blanca lies the famous Playas de Papagayo. These beaches show up in just about every advertising and tourist announcement of Lanzarote. This is not without reason, because they all look like something for a postcard.I went to Lanzarote to sightsee, not to fry on a beach, but the images of Playas de Papagayo caught my eyes so much, that I put the whole area of Punta de Papagayo at the top of my must-see’s list. I’m glad that I did. This fantastic golden sand area is a ‘must’ for all beach lovers, but also for those who don’t love beaches that much, but appreciate spectacular views.

1 (6)Punta de Papagayo is hidden away in the Los Ajaches Natural 3 (8)Reserve. The area is a little off-the-beaten track and getting there is a bit problematic, as there are no formal roads to the area. Five untouched Papagayo Beaches are located off  a long dirt road and most car rental agencies disallow driving there. It is understandable, because the 5km road is in really bad condition. But, I didn’t let this stop me. Knowing that I wanted to visit this place badly, I found in advance, a rental agency, that let me drive its car here. Its not easy to convince the rental agency to let you do that, but it’s possibile. For those who can’t come by car there is a taxi boat trip from the Playa Blanca harbour, but it is almost as expensive as going to the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura and then returning.

To get inside Los Ajaches Natural Reserve by car I had to pay too, but only 3 euros per vehicle. It is definitely worth it!
The southernmost point of the island is a chain of five idyllic coves and gorgeous beaches featuring fine pale golden sand and crystal clear water. The first beach – Playa Muyeres – is the longest and widest and has the best sand. Surprisingly, all that does not make it 2 (8)the most popular beach in this area. The biggest claim to fame is the
fourth beach – Playa Papagayo. It is hidden between reddish rocks and the path to go down to it is a bit steep, but not at all dangerous. When I reached this beach, the first thing I felt was the fine sand beneath my feet. Pure pleasure! The two beaches in between – Playa Pozo and Playa de la Cera – are less special and less populated. Good for people that search for solitude or for nudists. There is also the fifth major beach around the cape – Playa de Puerto Muelas – where the boats come in, however it is rather less charming than the first four.

All in all, a treat for all the senses.