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The Philippines was the one destination that the Spaniards of the Middle Ages were very fond of and later was the one country which Saint Pope John Paul visited twice.

PH3ts history passes through prehistoric human habitations, vassal kingdoms and tribal laws. The Spanish, British and the Japanese invasions were watered down by the world wars, and the US occupation.

The own struggle for self rule, led by the Catholic priests PH1for independence, is a history of no mean importance. The brutal quakes, storms and typhoons that pass through this country most times of the year trying to shake people of their faith, forms another picture to its arty canvas.

Politically it is a democracy accused of many scandals and apathy towards the common man.



Be that what it may seem to be or what it is projected, the more than 700 islands are a piece of Gods own magic. They are so naturally beautiful, surrounded by necklaces of crystal clear waters and studded with gems.

This land is inhabited by friendly people who had been and who still are economically struggling, through years of conflict, towards development, and in search of peace.

The Philippines portrays a colorful mosaic of human life, struggling against all odds, in the present socio economic turmoil around the globe.  To remove one event from the other will rob this most PH4beautiful picture of Gods creation and the adventure it is going through.



The simply beautiful churches of the Spanish era, the architecture of the modern world, different types of transport from tri rickshaws to the latest among cars, ferries to country boats, high end hotels to road side stalls, shanty houses to mansions add up to more interest .

I have visited quite a number of places in Manila, Cebu and a few islands in around Tagbilaran. I passed through heavy rains and even experienced a typhoon. In the bargain, I shared the hospitality, agony and ecstasy of the people, by being one of them.

I have enjoyed the beauty of the country and the attendant adventures, as it unfolded one by one.

Life in the Philippines seems to liken to living on a rainbow, with many dimensions and I cherish each of the moments with the sense and feeling it deserves.