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Are you a dessert lover???  Then this place is a “ definite “  must visit in Denmark. Don’t forget to bring a car and driver or take taxi if you plan to have wine matching meal, as the restaurant located a bit outside Aarhus city.

3 (7)The restaurant building itself is fairly new, compared with other buildings in town, which are mostly older styles.

From the moment I entered the restaurant front door, I was quickly met by the professional staff, wearing black uniforms. I was then taken straight to the IMG-20150418-01298 (3)table with a great garden view.  The ambience was formal, very high class and people dressed up to impress, as well as respect the occasion.

The table and chairs arranged were precisely, reflecting the number of diners. There was plenty of room between tables, so that each diner could have their own private conversation, without other people evesdropping.

The waiter was very attentive and drinks were offered straight away when the menu card given.  The menu was simple, it only had 3, 6 courses, Frederikshøj de Luxe or the Lobster menu, and the pricelist was attached.

While waiting for the meal, I was given six different free snacks.  The presentation and the taste of the snacks was excellent making me look forward to the actual meal.
I ordered the special “Frederikshøj de Luxe” which consisted of a ten courses meal. All the courses were presented beautifully and were very delicious. The restaurant uses top quality ingredients to prepare the best possible meal for each and every guest.

Each meal made my tongue do exotic dances and my taste buds were allowed to soar!  This meal was a “ sensory experience” and
2 (7)gave the words  whole new meaning.  It educated my sense of smell, taste, and eyes for beautiful things.

But…..Ohhhhhhh……The best part was reserved for the last –  the dessert !
The first desert was traditional Danish dessert called rødgrød med fløde, meaning jelly of red berries with cream, which was presented creatively, in the shape of a new moon and a small moon made out of chocolate with filling.  Yes, it was decadent!

The second dessert was æblekage and that is now my favourite dessert, in my entire life.  It looks so beautiful and unique.  The apple pie was served inside the round ball like a globe, made out of caramel filled with frozen apple puree with cream and apple sorbet.  It was too beautiful to eat and once I started to eat– I was tasting taste in heaven, sooooooo yummy and soooooo refreshing.

After finishing dessert, I was ushered to the lobby for tea or coffee and petit four which consist of 12 selections of different kind of chocolates and berry ice cream. Yes, I surely did love it all. Oh, By the way, did I say that I highly recommend this restaurant?