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The Sea: There is something hypnotizing about the sea. You can sit and look at the horizon for hours and hours. The sea makes you calm, doesn’t judge you, asks no question, tells no lies. You can ponder your life watching the sea and the only thing that might disturb you is the sound of the waves flooding the shore. It can disturb you, but in a pleasant way. The Atlantic Ocean has a hidden element. Something that lures; something that bewitches; something that places a spell on you. It makes you stop thinking about daily hell and lets you appreciate the beauty of the world. Because the world is beautiful, isn’t it? The Sun: Furteventura is a year round sunny destination, and Corralejo, one of the tourist hot spots of the island, is the place where you want to scream love to the sun „Come and take me! I’m yours!”. The Canarian sun caresses your skin like a sensitive lover. Plus you simply can’t have enough of these fondles. This is due to the wind that helps the sun to please you gently not harshly.

SPAIN6SPAIN8The Sand: Corralejo is known to be the best, thanks to the endless sand dunes of the  Natural Dunes Park which dominate the landscape of the northern part of the island. The park is probably the most famous of all of Fuerteventura´s attractions. Here is almost like stepping into the Sahara Desert, which in fact lies just 100 km away. The Sand Dunes Park includes rolling dunes and pristine coastlines. The colour of the water in the places where the Atlantic Ocean meets the land is incredibly beyond description.

It is fascinating how the dark asphalt of the road that leads from Corralejo’s ferry port to the southern resorts suddenly turns into a road that runs amidst the dunes of white sand. The contrast is amazing. To enjoy more of this view we parked our car at the side of the road and walked over the dunes up to the sea and spread our  towel there. The towel was covered totally by sand in just a few minutes.


Fuerteventura is indeed an island of wind, beautiful, but not ideal for sunbathing-lovers! But do not let this put you off.  You are not doomed to be buried by sand here. In order to shield yourself from the wind you can use the so-called stone castles which are located on the beach and are large enough for two. At first I didn’t know what are they were for. Corralejo’s beach is as beautiful as it is long. Fine, white sand fringes the water line for about 11km. Hard to imagine? Well, imagine the Sahara turned into a beach resort and you will be pretty close to picturing the Corralejo’s beach.

Corralejo is one of these places that creates need for more. If you love the sea, the sun and sand underneath your feet,  you could stay here happily until the end of the world.  I was quite sad to leave. Corralejo is a place where time should stop, but it  never does. It simply never does no matter how hard we try. Perhaps we need to try harder ?

Was I impressed…YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS…one of the Sssssssssssss !